VIDEO: Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar Post-Game - Cal State-Fullerton spoke with Washington Men's Basketball Coach Lorenzo Romar Sunday night after the Huskies defeated a game Cal State-Fullerton team 87-69 in front of an announced attendance of 5821 at Alaska Airlines Arena.

Opening statement “Well this was the beginning of the eight-game home stand that we’ve been looking forward to having. We came away with a victory. I thought (Cal State) Fullerton came out and had us on our heels with their quickness. We talked about their quickness for the last three days but until you’re really in front of it sometimes maybe you don’t get it. I thought we adjusted. We began to guard better. Matisse (Thybulle), Dejounte (Murray), and Malik Dime, those guys really, and Drew (Andrew Andrews) was busting his tail out there, started to get a lot of deflections and got our defense going and made all the difference in the world.”


On what changed after the slow start “I just think we got down and defended. That’s what it always is with us; we get down and guard. We started to make them more uncomfortable and try to keep them in front of us a little bit. Malik (Dime) was protecting the basket and we got a lot of baskets in transition as a result of our defense. That was the recipe to get it going. Just bear down on the defensive end.”


On where the team is defensively “Not where we want to be. I think we conceptually understand but it hasn’t become a habit yet with us. It has to become habitual. Once that happens then I’ll be pleased that we’re making a lot of progress. But we have made progress in terms of knowing what we’re supposed to do. We just have to be able to react on the fly better.”


On Matisse Thybulle’s offensive role “Matisse (Thybulle) is a very good passer. He’s a good offensive rebounder. He’s worked and he hits the open shot. He’s shooting a pretty good percentage from the three. He’s kind of an opportunist right now. He’s such a great athlete and so quick he just kind of gets in there and has opportunities to make plays. When he’s playing aggressively he’s capable of doing that. He came out and he hit some shot from the outside and you could just see his confidence grow. When Matisse plays with confidence he’s a different player.”


On if his objective has changed since the start of the season “I don’t think so. I think from day one we’ve tried to lay a foundation of defense had to be our identity. We still, I know we, in terms of the final number, we get a lot of rebounds but we’re dominating on the boards as much as we should. We have to do a better job with that. That’s something we talked about that we still haven’t got down. No objective has changed. It’s the same from day one what we wanted to try to accomplish from game-to-game and practice-to-practice.”


On turnovers “Hopefully when you look at our number of possessions per game it’s a little different than some others. You talk about some teams that are very, very deliberate that have 60-65 possessions per game and they commit 10 turnovers per game. That’s different if we’re going 80-85 possessions. There are a lot more possessions in that game so we might turn the ball over. Also we play at a frantic pace and when you do that at times you mistakes are going to be made. With that being said our number is 13. We want to keep it under 13 (turnovers).”


On Sam Timmins “I just like looking at him. ‘Stand there Sam. Wow.’ We measured him and bare foot he was right at 6’10”. With shoes say he’s 6’10” and a half or 6’11” and 278 pounds. If you look at him you don’t think he’s 278 pounds; it just shows how well proportioned he is. He has a little bit over 7’2” wingspan. When you look at him and look at his frame understand that he hasn’t lifted very many weights. So when Coach (Daniel) Shapiro in a couple weeks his body is going to get more toned. It’s good to have him, good to have him.” 

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