VIDEO: Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar Post-Game - TCU

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar spoke to the press Tuesday night after the Washington Huskies breezed past the TCU Horned Frogs 92-67 to push their season record to 6-2.

Opening Statement “Coming into this game concerned wouldn’t be the right word but I would say being very alert and aware of who TCU was in the forefront. We saw Michigan in the Bahamas and they were pretty good and SMU beat the pretty goodtonight. TCU had SMU beat. They lost a couple of games. They had the game won and weren’t able to pull it out at the end. We knew they were going to be sound. We wanted to make sure we came out with great focus. They had in their first seven games outscored teams 60-31 in the first four or five minutes so we knew we had to be ready. Our guys stepped up to the challenge. I thought we played with tremendous energy from the outset and stayed that way for a large portion of the game.”


On when he knew Andrew Andrews was going to have a big night “Early. Just early. The firs couple of times he picked up the ball just how engaged he was, how animated he was. He was really locked in. It’s funny how when you’re locked in like that everything else takes care of itself. It did for him.”


On playing an entertaining style of basketball “I think it’s fun. I don’t think we’ve ever practiced saying ‘this is how we’re going to put on a show.’ But we have talked about ‘you guys want to play and want to have fun? Then you work your butt of defensively and you work together and you talk. If you do those things it’s hard but it’s hard to be good.’ We tell our team that all the time. If you can do these things this is how you go out and enjoy yourself on the basketball floor. Highlights and those things are byproducts of working your tail off. If we go out there and are lethargic it doesn’t happen too much.”


On defensive philosophy “When people ask ‘what is your philosophy defensively’ I say ideally we want to make the other team uncomfortable. That’s how we practice. That’s what we talk about. Sometimes you can sense it and other times teams are so prepared for it and so well drilled it doesn’t affect them as much. But ideally that’s what we would like to try to do, make teams uncomfortable.”


On what can be improved “Keeping people in front of us. In our defense we don’t move well enough on ball release is what we call it. When that pass is made we should see four guys moving, five guys moving at one. We don’t do that well enough. I thought we did a tremendous job in the first half boxing out. In the second half toward the lass third of the game we didn’t do as good a job and they had a whole bunch of offensive rebounds. We need to do a better job on that. And the ball reversal. When we cant impose our well we have to be able to get that ball reversal from side to side.”


On if he’s getting a more solid idea of what his rotation will look like “I don’t ever think about rotation. I don’t say ‘we have to have this many people rotating.’ I don’t look at that. I look at guys that are subbing for each other. We want to keep guys fresh. There are certain guys, probably seven, that go in. After that it’s a feel for how the game is going. So I don’t really get into this locked in number rotation.” Top Stories