VIDEO: Dejounte Murray Friday Briefing - Montana

The media spoke Friday with Washington freshman guard Dejounte 'Baby Boy' Murray ahead of their game versus Montana Saturday at Alaska Airlines Arena.

Briefing Notes

Excited for finals? Not really. Made it through. Was fun being back in class. Glad made it through these first steps. 

Ever play against Martin Breunig in open gym or anything? No, but hear he’s a great guy.

Seen tape of him? He’s a nice player, respect his game. Athletic and plays hard. And he’ll play hard because he played here before.

Montana playing Gonzaga tight - Never overlook an opponent. They work hard. Their HC recruited me when he coached at Cal. 

Opinion of Andrew Andrews before the season to now - Knew he could score and shoot. He’s stepped up his defense. Couldn’t play his style of defense in the past. He’s adjusted really well. Rebounded better than I thought. Creating for others, leading us the way he should be. 

Anything surprised you? Again, knew he could shoot and score, but he’s hustling and doing the little things to help the team win.

Chemistry - It’s good. Didn’t get to play much with Andrew during the summer, but we’re adjusting to each other well and figuring each other out. When he gets hot like the other night, it’s good. As a senior he knows how to score, so I’m fine with it. 

What do you have to do to make sure Montana doesn’t dictate tempo? Do what we do. Whatever Coach draws up, we have to do it. 

Biggest adjustment for you? Definitely another level, bigger and stronger guys. Lots of room to improve. Coach Conroy has been telling me I’ll have games where I’ll turn the ball over and the turnovers decreasing game by game - still adjusting.

How has it been finding the balance of staying aggressive? I just let it be and play my game. Everything else will fall into place. All the coaches tell me to stay aggressive. Top Stories