VIDEO: Andrew Andrews Friday Briefing - Montana

The media spoke Friday with Washington senior guard Andrew Andrews ahead of their game versus Montana Saturday at Alaska Airlines Arena.

What do you remember practicing with Martin Breunig? Strong, really athletic. Competitive. Plays hard and loves basketball. Were roommates for a while. Just talked to him this morning - just friendly banter. He’s doing great there, he couldn’t get done what he wanted to in his time here, but doing great now.

Montana - have a group of guys that like playing together. Have to be focused because they are a good team. 

On playing a deliberate team - If we get them to speed up through our pressure and play more of a one-on-one game, that will help us. But they are well-coached, so we’ll see how it turns out. Whenever you play, you want to play fast - and that should help us. But they are well-disciplined too. 

On organizing the half-court O when they switch up their defenses - It’s a little up to me, but we’re getting better at reacting to things. 

On critiquing last game against TCU - From a defensive standpoint, felt like energy was there. That’s the standard Coach Romar talks about. 

6-6 from 3. A lot were in the flow of the game. At no point did I know how many I took. It was just in the flow. 

Still surprised how much of a role you play? No, but everybody is playing with energy. And sometimes when it’s not me it can be Dejounte or someone else that’s bringing the energy. 

Still have to set the example? Not necessarily. Lots of guys on the team that want that leadership role, and that’s good.

On staying five years and if it’s been hard - I haven’t found it difficult. Always been the guy to stick around no matter what. It’s all about having a great fit. As teammates and friends, you have to look at it as a friend when someone leaves. Never hold a grudge. 

Bummed when Martin left? I saw it coming a little bit. During the year he was unhappy. Good decision for him, look at how he’s doing. But we would talk about it. Once he decided to leave, saw the fire in him to get better. 

Finals? I’m good. I’m done. Took the China class, and have one more Monday, but I’ll do well on that. Lisa Bruce and the other advisers do such a good job helping us. 

On being mentally fried during finals - It does take a toll. Have so much help it’s easier to take it all in and the coaches allow us time to get our work done. Top Stories