VIDEO: Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar Friday Briefing - Montana

The media spoke Friday with Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar ahead of their game versus Montana Saturday at Alaska Airlines Arena. He had some interesting things to say about current Montana star Martin Breunig, who played for two years at Washington before transferring to Missoula.

Briefing Notes

No great differences after seeing the tape, still great to see them locked in.

Breunig - If you would have told me all the stats he’s got now, I would have wondered. Had tremendous ability when he came here. Jaw-dropping athleticism, would fit right in here now that way. Of all the guys that have transferred here over the years, couldn’t be prouder of him. Outstanding human being. Fantastic attitude and fun to be around. Except for tomorrow and rest of year, pulling for him. He’s flourishing. 

More disappointed that we couldn’t get him over the hump mentality to give himself a chance when at UW. But he’s playing with a lot of confidence now. Remember telling him that he’s so athletic to just get the ball low and jump over people - they can’t get to you. He’s doing that now. 

He’s a completely different player than what we recruited him as. We recruited him as an athletic four, like what Marquese Chriss is now. Now he’s just almost solely around the basket. Such a soft touch around the basket. And we always knew he could run. 

Ken Bone influence on the team? Sure. He’s an offensive genius. When he was the WSU HC, I’d tell him a couple things they ran were really good, and the things he would do for Brock Motum were tough to deal with. DeCuire hired him for a reason. 

Poor three-point shooting for Montana? What stands out to me is how well they execute. Martin is a big part of that execution.

How did they push Gonzaga so hard? Without Karnowski in there they gave them different looks in the post and slowed the game way down. 

Are they going to try and take the air out of the ball? That’s our guess. Be deliberate, taking care of the basketball and not give us an opportunity to get out and run. They change defenses, so we can’t be stymied by that. And we can’t let Martin go off for 25-30. Have to work our tails off to make sure that doesn’t happen.

How good are the guys in the classroom? We’ll find out soon, but assuming they are taking care of their business. Try not to schedule games mid-week during finals because they are mentally exhausted. We work around their schedule. 

2011 recruiting class and so many transferred or didn’t play all four years - would have told you that made sense, because a lot of the same things happened in 2005. 2007 signed four and only one was here the whole time. Hope that doesn’t happen with our 2015 class, but nowadays that happens. Top Stories