VIDEO: Washington Defensive Line Coach Jeff Choate Saturday Briefing spoke Saturday with Washington Defensive Line Coach Jeff Choate after the Huskies resumed their bowl practice schedule with a busy workout inside the Dempsey Indoor. He talked about taking the Montana State Head Coaching job, as well as why he decided to stay on and coach the bowl game.

On his road to becoming head coach at Montana State “It all started in 1970 in Columbus, Ohio. It was kind of interesting, something I’ve tried to do for a while. Situations and circumstances just weren’t the right fit. This was one that was kind of a slam-dunk I think in terms of the situation, where it was at, what they were looking for in their next head coach, and the timing of it. It’s an awesome opportunity for me.”


On why he decided to stick around at practice for the next couple weeks “I love these kids, man. That’s what I told them today. I told Tani ( Tupou) ‘was it important for you to win your senior night?’ And ‘Jarett (Finau), was it important for you to win your senior night?’ This is my senior night. I get to go out with you guys and let’s do it right. Also the relationship I have with the guys on staff here. I’ve worked with them for eight year: six at Boise and two here. Just go do it one more time with them. It will be fun.”


On how the players responded to hearing about his hiring “Initially I actually got the chance to sit down and tell them face-to-face. It was nice because I was over here last Friday, so I found out about 4:30 and a lot of the guys were around so they came down and we talked a little bit. I could tell they had a little disappointment, but I think that over the course of the week they have kind of gone from that a little bit to excited that we get to do this and do the bowl game together and genuinely excited for me and my family for another opportunity to do something that I wanted to do in my career.”


On if he feels Montana State is in position to step forward in their conference “Yeah. I think there are obviously some things that have to change; that’s why there was a change made. I think never time that place has been committed, especially over the last 10 years, to be highly competitive in that league and nationally.”


On young guys that have stepped up “I think Shane Bowman is a guy that’s really started to come along really through maybe the last two weeks of the season and then into the bowl practices. So far I’ve really liked what he’s done. Ricky McCoy flashed a little bit today. That d-line is going to be fun to watch. I’m watching those guys today and I’m like ‘man, I don’t know about this. I’d love to coach these guys for another couple years. There are some guys that I think understand what it takes to be good. There’s a standard that has been established in the at room and that really worked at it everyday; they take pride in it.”


On Benning Potoae “He got the first interception for a BUCK that I can remember in any practice or game situation. Hau ( Hau'oli Kikaha) dropped a couple last year. That happened today. That’s promising for the future for him. Yeah I think he’s got a really high ceiling. He’s a great kid and we’re excited about his future. I know they are. It will be fun to watch him.” Top Stories