VIDEO: Washington Linebackers Coach Bob Gregory Saturday Briefing spoke Saturday with Washington Linebackers Coach Bob Gregory after the Huskies resumed their bowl practice schedule with a busy workout inside the Dempsey Indoor.

On the USM offense “Yeah. I’ve gone against these guys a few times and they’ve always got athletes. They’re going to spread us out, one back. It’s a great challenge of us.”


On if USM reminds him of any Pac-12 school “Arizona State a little bit. A little bit Washington State. They get a little bit of two backs like Arizona State. It’s similar to those guys.”


On how USM's ability to run and throw makes things difficult “We just have to keep doing our deal. If our fundamentals are right and our eyes are right and that kind of stuff I think we’ll be okay.”


On Ben Burr-Kirven “We’re really excited about Ben (Burr-Kirven). Here’s a guy who, any freshman who can come in and play, maybe it’s a little tougher at inside linebacker. There’s a lot of stuff going on in terms of checks, calls, all the stuff in front of him. He’s got a bright future ahead of him.”


On some of the younger linebackers “I think we’re all very excited about our young guys. I think D.J. Beavers is a guy who is sticking out in practices now. I think he’s got a really bright future. I like Benning Potoa’e. I think he has a chance to help us at the outside linebacker position, a BUCK type deal. Kyler (Manu). Azeem (Victor) and Keishawn coming back. It’s  very good. We’re excited about it.” Top Stories