VIDEO: Washington BUCK Travis Feeney Saturday Briefing spoke Saturday with Washington senior BUCK Travis Feeney after the Huskies resumed their bowl practice schedule with a busy workout inside the Dempsey Indoor.

On ringing the bell for the salvation army with a few teammates “Yeah just me, Tani (Tupou), Sifa (Tufunga), Jarrett Finau, we were just having fun going down there and trying to show some support and trying to show our face. It was a lot of fun going around singing Christmas songs. I didn’t know one. They guys were jerks and wanted to sing the song I didn’t know. But it’s alright, I knew all the other ones they didn’t know.”


On his shoulder “The shoulder feels good, feels good. I’ve been in physical therapy and I’m doing great.”


On the Apple Cup The win was awesome. No better way to end my time at Husky Stadium then just going out and balling out and having a blast and really just playing our butts off. That’s all you can ask for.”


On what he’s working on during these practices leading up to the bowl game “I mean definitely just resting the body and getting my mind back healthy. And it’s definitely just working on things and watching film. Watching past games. Watching moves I didn’t do well on. Watching my striking and my pad level. I’m trying to work on those things now and that I have all these extra practices to work on it. I definitely think overall as a whole team it’s just getting to work on minor mistakes.”


On who he thinks could take over at BUCK next year “I don’t know. I don’t have really any ideas. You have Psalm (Wooching), you got Connor O’Brien, you’ve got a lot of young guys coming up. You have Benning Potoa’e; I call him ‘Benning Potatoes’ to mess with him. You have a couple of guys, D.J. Beavers, a couple of guys like that are all flying around, Jusstis (Warren), those guys. They’re young. Still trying to learn the defense and get the game. It’s still a little fast for them but they’re learning.” Top Stories