VIDEO: Washington Defensive Back Sidney Jones Saturday Briefing's Kim Grinolds spoke Saturday with Washington Defensive Back Sidney Jones after the Huskies resumed their bowl practice schedule with a busy workout inside the Dempsey Indoor.

On finishing the regular season the way they did against WSU “It feels tremendous. The whole year we were building and building and putting good stuff on film. To end the season like that is a good thing.”


On if he gets excited to face teams he knows will throw the ball a lot “Of course. That’s the main thing. When a team throws the ball around we just get excited and love the challenge.”

On Southern Miss’ offense “Run-pass option team, so like Arizona and Arizona State.”


On if he ever targeted first team all Pac-12 as a goal “After the first Pac-12 game I just set that as a goal, like ‘I need to get this.’ And I just made it a mission.”

On his biggest area of growth “My biggest growth? Just play recognition honestly. Being able to kind of know when plays are about to occur and when it’s about to come to me. We played a lot more man this year as opposed to last year. My man improved. Just the whole type of scheme of our defense.” Top Stories