VIDEO: Marquese Chriss/Dejounte Murray Post-Game - Montana Grizzlies

Here's what Washington players Marquese Chriss and Dejounte 'Baby Boy' Murray had to say to the media post-game after the Huskies rolled past the Montana Grizzlies 92-62 Saturday afternoon in front of an announced crowd of 6647 at Alaska Airlines Arena. Chriss finished with 22 points and 11 rebounds, while Murray ended up with 16 points, four rebounds, three assists and four steals in the win.

Marquese Chriss 

On the quick start “We just get out and run and try to have fun at the beginning of the game, and kind of just come out fast and keep it going for 40 minutes.”


On the plan to stop Martin Breunig “Just don’t let him catch the ball and if he catches the ball you come baseline and help and recover back and you just play one-on-one. Sag off and let him shoot because he wants to go left.”

On the technical "I mean I’ll take the consequence for that; we were just having fun. It was a little extra but things happen.”


“I wouldn’t say it was that I held on the rim. I think it’s because when I pulled up my head was above the rim so it was kind of excessive.”


On if he had a feeling he would come out and have a big night tonight “Oh no. I couldn’t really tell. I was just feeling good. I was shooting the ball well and getting to the free throw line.”


On how avoiding foul trouble helped him find a rhythm “Yeah. It made me feel more comfortable like I didn’t have to worry about coming out and coming back in and picking up where I left off. I kind of just kept it going.”


On playing up-tempo in the second half “That’s how we play mostly. We just look for the long pass and run. That’s how our team plays. We run the floor and we spread the floor and get to the rim.”

Dejounte 'Baby Boy' Murray

On his alley-oop pass to Marquese Chriss “I’m pretty sure he knew I was going to throw it off the glass or bounce it back to him or something. That just comes from me being unselfish and liking to see my teammates have fun and stuff. Open court, I just threw it up and we practice it all the time. It was just the right time and right place and it happened.”


On highlight plays making more of an impact than score “I just feel like by doing that it’s a highlight play. It got the fans on their feet and got them going crazy. As long as they’re having fun it’s cool. I’m cool with it. And I’m pretty sure coach is cool with it. And I think coach is cool with it. He wasn’t mad about it. I think he was mad about hanging on the rim. Like he (Marquese Chriss) said, he’s going to take the consequences for it.”


On stuffing the stat sheet “Yeah. I mean every game I just try to come out and play my game. My game is just working hard and making other people better and just everything else will fall into place.


On what happens during pregame to get everyone on the same level energy wise “I think every game we take it one game at a time. Coaches tell us to jump out first, don’t let them come off and come hot first. We go out and play our game and our game is a high-intensity team and just going out and playing hard and working hard. We just have to keep it up and take it one game at a time.” Top Stories