VIDEO: Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith Sunday Briefing (12/13) spoke Sunday with Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith after the Huskies put in their third day of practices leading up to the Zaxby's Heart of Dallas Bowl, to be played Saturday, December 26th at the Cotton Bowl.

First three practices “It’s back to work. It’s good for the guys who don’t get a lot of turns throughout the year to come back to almost a spring ball mode. Guys are getting reps, so it’s good energy.”

Any change to the mechanics of coaching for the offensive staff with Pease gone? “Not a whole lot. (Bush Hamdan) slid in there and it’s kind of normal.”

At what point do you go back and break down the season? “We’ll take a heavy look after the bowl game to be able to rehash the whole thing - looking at concepts right in a row and all that. So that will get started in January. Right now heavy recruiting and obviously getting ready for a game against Southern Miss.”

What have you seen from Southern Miss on tape? “I think they are pretty athletic. I think they play really hard on defense. Their scheme is sound and they know how to play it. But I think they are athletic, they run to the ball really well. And you can see effort on tape. Those guys are flying around, they are playing with some confidence. It’ll be a good challenge.”

Different to go through game tape of a lower conference team compared to a power conference team? “It’s comparable. I think it’s a little bit of, you just don’t know a lot about them because they are in a different league. You don’t follow them, you don’t see them on TV all that often. It takes a little bit longer to get a feel for them, where when you’re playing in-conference opponent or something like that you’ve seen a good amount of them. It goes a little quicker.”

On Myles Gaskin’s season “He brought some things to our run game. Our run game was not very good and he brought some things there. I think the confidence in being able to call more runs and run the ball was big. Obviously he’s still a true freshman and got a long time with him. So we expect him to keep on getting better.”

On the true freshmen in general, what can you do with them now that you couldn’t do the first game of the season? “You can do a little bit more scheme. They’ve gotten more reps, so there’s more comfort level in regards to the amount of plays, concepts you use. At the same time they’ve gotten a little bit better at the stuff we’re doing and you don’t want to go too far away from that. But any time guys play more you feel like you can do more with them.”

Does that circumstance affect you more as a game-planner or play caller? “Game planner. What you put in the game plan, going into the game we’ve repped this stuff, we’re going to call this stuff. Only thing that could change I guess there is if they showed us some different things than we thought. Going into the game, you game plan for a particular looks and all of a sudden they give you different looks. Then you might err on doing less.”

What’s the general feeling for the offense after the last two games? Relief? “You feel like you’ve built some momentum. Even the production was good at Arizona State; you just have to feel like (Jake Browning) is going to take care of the ball. I think we’re gaining a little bit of confidence there and finding comfort and confidence in, these guys can do this and these guys can do that - so you build on that. It’ll be a big piece to finish well this season.”

Have you been able to read Jake a little bit more now? The last two games a springboard for him? “You’d like it to be a springboard, but he is tough to read. He is even-keeled. But you can see he’s got a little bit of a command out there and energy late in the year. He’s playing with some more confidence. But again, you take a month off here and hopefully that comes back in a hurry the first quarter.”

Anyone impressing you of those that are redshirting? “I think Andre Baccellia has had a good couple of days here. He was nicked up early during the year and now that he’s getting some turns he’s done some good things. A lot of our young guys are playing. Henry Roberts is going to be a good player. He’s battled in there and done some good stuff. Excited about his last couple of practices. Those two stand out.” Top Stories