VIDEO: Washington Receiver Jaydon Mickens Sunday Briefing (12/13) spoke Sunday with Washington Receiver Jaydon Mickens after the Huskies put in their third day of practices leading up to the Zaxby's Heart of Dallas Bowl, to be played Saturday, December 26th at the Cotton Bowl.

On the first couple of practices: "I feel pretty good. Studying for finals and coming back to practice and going 120 miles per hour so it's tough to get my legs under me a little bit, but getting my legs under me is what I'm honing in on the most."

On being the leader and reigning in the younger guys: "For Dante (Pettis) and Brayden (Lenius) they understand because they went through spring ball, so they understand the schedule of practice, practice, two days off, practice, practice, a week off and then back to practice again, so they understand and with the other guys they are just dealing with what they are exposed to. When we go out there and go 100 miles per hour they know what to expect so it's not too much talking to those guys. When they get into our presence, they know we're getting down to business. When we're running routes, we're running them to the best of our abilities as fast as we can to get better, so they're following in our footsteps and everything is picking up."

On the offense clicking better: "As receivers our job is to block downfield for our running game and our job is to get open, catch the ball and make plays. That's our job. Everybody else has a job to do and once everybody does their job, things start to click. There was a period of time where on this particular play the receivers didn't do their job, not pointing fingers or anything, but it is what it is, it's reality. Now, we're playing together and clicking together. I understand that I am playing for the man next to me. If I don't run my route as hard as I can, I know I'm not getting the ball, so I need to run just like I'm going to get the ball and I'm about to make a big play and I think everybody understands that now and that's where the click is coming from."

No excuse for not executing: "Changing quarterbacks is a big thing and timing, but you can't make any excuses for that. We had spring ball, we had camp and we went through the whole entire season. We see it clicking now and we have to keep it going through the bowl game and then these guys have to keep it going next year." Top Stories