VIDEO: Washington Receiver Dante Pettis Sunday Briefing (12/13) spoke Sunday with Washington Receiver Dante Pettis after the Huskies put in their third day of practices leading up to the Zaxby's Heart of Dallas Bowl, to be played Saturday, December 26th at the Cotton Bowl.

What’s it been like to get back to practice? “It’s been fun. You see other teams playing - we saw the Pac-12 Championship and stuff like that, so you want to get out there. It’s been pretty fun to get back.”

Changing coaches during this time from Pease to Bush Hamdan “(Pease) told us right before coach Pete told us all. Obviously we had a good connection with him. It was just ultimately coach Pete’s decision. You’d have to ask him more about that. It’s been a pretty easy transition, because Bush has been here as a GA, so he’s filling in right now. It’s been pretty easy.”

What’s the biggest thing coach Hamdan has done to make the transition easier for the room? “It’s a different energy right now. They are two kind of different coaching styles. So we’re just transitioning to that. It’s a different feel right now. So we’re basically just getting used to that. It’s not more energy; it’s just different, I feel. You guys would have to be in the room to kind of see it. I can’t explain that.”

What would you hope like the room is next year? “More explosive plays. Hopefully catching more balls downfield, scoring more touchdowns. Stuff like that.”

Why do you think there weren’t as many plays like that this year? “I’d say just details. We weren’t fundamentally sound enough, maybe. I don’t really have a good explanation for that.”

Able to take a step or two forward the last couple games? “Yes. Things are definitely clicking now. It’s like once one thing starts then the next thing starts and then we finally put it all together.” Top Stories