Sehome (Bellingham, Wa.) S Taylor Rapp talks about his official visit to Montlake over the weekend

Even though he's already signed his financial agreement papers, Sehome (Bellingham, Wa.) S Taylor Rapp still needed to take an official visit and he did just that this weekend. With his enrollment at Montlake less than three weeks away, he said his visit was more about meeting some of his future teammates rather than confirming UW was where he wanted to be...

"I've already been there a lot, so nothing was really 'new' to me, but it's the same as it's always been and that's the place I am looking forward to playing at for the next four or five years," Taylor Rapp told after returning home. "I got to meet with the coaches for a while and just spend time with the other guys, that was pretty cool."

Rapp's host on his visit was Isaiah Renfro and the freshman receiver spent the time getting to know his soon-to-be teammate.

"He and I didn't talk a lot about why he committed to U-Dub or what it's like being a Husky," Rapp said. "Mainly we just got to know each other better and we hung out. It was a lot of fun."

Rapp ended his recruitment very early in the recruiting process, committing to Washington back in March over offers from schools like Oregon, Stanford, Washington State, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Northwestern and Arizona State among others.

Rapp will enroll at Washington on January 3rd and he will start off at safety once he arrives at Montlake. Top Stories