2018 Bothell (Wa.) QB Jacob Sirmon committed to Washington over the weekend

2018 Bothell (Wa.) QB Jacob Sirmon committed to Washington over the weekend. Here's a look at how his decision will impact Washington's 2018 recruiting class as well as what effect, if any, it will have on the 2017 class...

What's To Like: Jacob Sirmon has a very nice frame (6'4, 210) and he's a real student of the game. He loves to get out and throw at every opportunity and he's constantly working on receivers to join him for throwing sessions. By the time he graduates, Sirmon will be a three-year starter for one of the top programs in the state. While high school quarterback coaching can be dubious at times, Bothell has a solid coaching staff and his work with Taylor Barton will also be a huge help in his development as a signal-caller. Sirmon throws a very nice long ball, 

What Needs Work: Like most first year starters, Sirmon had his struggles. There were definitely contributing factors -- losing most of his offensive line and pretty much every one of Bothell's top receivers graduated in 2015 -- so he was dealing with a bunch of young receivers and an offensive line that was patchwork at best. At times though, Sirmon can rely on his arm-strength too much, forcing things rather than taking an easy check-down throw. He's a decent runner, but as far as being a weapon with his legs, Sirmon isn't going to be that type of a quarterback. He'll need to focus on learning to slide in the pocket and to keep his eyes open down the field and as he matures that should definitely be something to keep an eye on.

UW Roster/Class Impact: Washington currently has Jake Browning (So.), K.J. Carta-Samuels (RS So.), Jeff Lindquist (RS Sr.) and Tony Rodriguez (RS Jr.) with Daniel Bridge-Gadd coming in this coming spring as a freshman. As far as 2017 prospects are concerned, the Husky coaches have offered six that we know of -- Tate Martell (committed to Texas A&M), Dylan McCaffreyTua TagovailoaRyan Kelley (committed to Oregon), Braxton Burmeister (committed to Arizona) and Tristan Gebbia -- but so far none have made a decision to commit to them. As you can see, three are already committed while McCaffrey appears to be a lean to Michigan or UCLA. That leaves Tagovailoa and Gebbia, both of whom Washington has been involved with heavily this fall and will be in the spring. Will Sirmon's commitment impact whether UW can get a player at the top of their quarterback list in 2017? It's tough to say at this point, but whoever chooses the Huskies from the 2017 class will have at least six months on Sirmon who plans to enroll in January of 2018.

Impact On Wide Receiver Recruits: Sirmon has that personality that you want in a quarterback. He's cocky and confident and he loves to recruit guys. That's an area where the coaches will lean on him heavily because they need a quaterback who bonds with some of the top receivers in the country and gets them to look at Washington. There are plenty of 2017 receivers that Washington has offered including Terrell Bynum from Servite (Anaheim, Ca.) who is widely considered one of the more dynamic players in that class. 

The Bottom Line: Sirmon's commitment definitely eases some of the tension created when Washington lost out on a top end 2016 quarterback. It's still imperative that Washington gets a top of the line 2017 signal-caller and with the addition of Sirmon the following season, the Huskies will have a nice little pipeline of talented quarterbacks to plug in after losing one or two to graduation or transfer.

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