VIDEO: Chriss/Crisp Friday Briefing - Oakland

Washington freshmen Marquese Chriss and David Crisp met with the media Friday ahead of Washington's game Saturday afternoon versus Oakland.

Marquese Chriss

On talking to coach Romar about the alley-oop pass “I wouldn’t say he was too upset. I just think he doesn’t want us to showboat like that. He’s a real classy person so I think he wasn’t us to hold ourselves accountable for excessive celebration. It was more on me than him (Dejounte Murray) because he just threw the pass but I kind of did the pull-up so it was more my responsibility.”

On the excitement the young team brings “Yeah I think we bring a lot  of energy and we’re fun to watch I think. We have a lot of athletic guards like David (Crisp), baby boy (Dejounte Murray), Andrew Andrews, and Matisse (Thybulle). We can really jump so I think it’s interesting to watch and just see highlight plays happen.”

On staying out of foul trouble “I think it’s a lot like what coach says. He says when I get my fouls I’m not engaged in the game or I might be standing straight up so I’m out of position. I just think in games like that when I’m focused and I’m down in a stance in ready I’m in better position and not putting myself in a spot to get a foul. And kind of just picking and choosing my places where I’ll jump for a blocl or just stay on the ground.”

On who’s helped him stay calm after fouls “We have a sports psychologist here that I would go see every week and she’s helping me right down how I feel in practice and if I got mad how mad I got and what I did to calm myself down. I think that really helped me.”

On the attitude he plays with “I just think I’m super competitive and it’s like if someone takes a shot at me I’m going to take a shot back. Even when you’re little and when you argue with your siblings and you want to have the last word. I think I sometimes have that where if somebody comes at me I’m going to come back. Sometimes it’s like to a flaw.”

On offensive rebounding “It’s really important to our coaching staff and us. It’s one of our core values that we focus on every game: our rebounding and how many offensive rebounds we get and defensive rebounding. We try to focus on boxing out and looking at your man before you go run to the ball. If you don’t look at your man he can run around you and get a rebound. We kind of just make it a big part of our game.”

On how much it helps having a coach like Will Conroy who has played for Romar “It helps a lot. Even with the guards, he doesn’t really work out with us during practice but he’s like a mentor and like a big brother. He’s always there and has our back and if something is going on you can talk to him about it. He knows what’s going on during the game and in practice and how we feel right now.”

David Crisp

On not looking past the final games before conference play “We talk about it the locker room that the next game coming up is our biggest game so we’re not overlooking any team. Coming into this we know Oakland is a very good, solid team so we’ve really been preparing for them and trying to go one game at a time.”

On being part of the Husky basketball team after growing up as a part of the Seattle basketball community “It is and a little more. I didn’t know how big it really was to people playing at a university and stuff. I went to a high school game last week after the game against Montana and a lot of people were coming up and talking to me about the game and I was surprise. I didn’t know everybody really watches all the games like that. It’s great to be in this basketball community.”

On his role “I just come in and try to give us a spark and do what I can do to keep us winning and give us energy. If I have to score or dive at a loose ball, I’ll do whatever I do.”


On what type of guard he is “I just hoop. I see the play and I go out there and make the play. Pass the ball and if I see an open opportunity I get a bucket.”


On the full court press having Marquese guard the inbounds pass “He’s so athletic and long we can just see when steals are coming. And I’m like ‘oh man, here comes a highlight or something. Here comes a dunk.’ We just go shadow and they stole the ball and we make a play.”


On guards rebounding “Yeah just trying to be aggressive. You see the ball out there and you try to go get it. They (the coaching staff) did a really good job putting that emphasis on us in practice. Early in practices we did plusses and minuses and rebounding was real big with plusses. Early coming in I was in the minuses a lot so I was like ‘man, I’m trying to get out of that.’ So you’ve got to play hard and aggressive.”


On coach Will Conroy “He’s been here. He’s the assist leader. He knows how everything works. He knows what coach Romar wants so he’ll tell you if you’re about to mess up. He says ‘hey, you want to do this’ because he knows what Romar wants. If you don’t know something he can just come out and show you because he can still play and all that. It’s cool playing against him sometimes and he’s just a real good mentor and coach.” Top Stories