VIDEO: Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith Friday Night Briefing - 12/18 spoke Friday night with Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith after the Huskies finished practice. He spoke about Southern Mississippi, the opportunity to play one more game, and the role new Receivers Coach Bush Hamdan will play for the bowl game and beyond.

On working on the gameplan: “Kinda got started tonight, a little bit, and so we did a little install today and then go pretty heavy tomorrow and Sunday.”

On what he’s seen of Southern Miss’ film: “I think athletically, they’re like a lot of the teams we’ve played. I think they’re pretty athletic up front. In the secondary, they can run, they’ve got some good players back there. I think the MIK linebacker is physical.”

On the benefit of extra work for the younger players: “We want to continue because we’ve got a little bit of momentum going. We’ve got some good confidence with the group right now. It’s always a benefit to get some extra practice time. It’s kinda funny because we’ll go with the young guys, but the young guys are our guys.  A lot of times, in years past, those juniors and seniors who are playing maybe don’t see as many reps as the other guys, but that’s who we’ve got, so they’re getting more turns and we continue to tighten things up, but we want to keep our confidence and some of our swagger going and we’ve got one more game to do it.”

On the offensive line: “I think there’s been some development there. We were mixing and matching, especially early, but I will give some credit, we were mixing and matching even in our last game when Trey (Adams) warmed up and couldn’t go and Andrew (Kirkland) and Kaleb (McGary) did a nice job of sorting that out. We’ve got some guys that have developed. I think they’re playing with a better understanding and a better understanding of the guy next to them, but we still need to continue to grow, just like every position, but I liked the way they battled this year.”

On the offensive line has Jake Browning ease into the starting role: “I think (Browning) has developed a little bit of confidence (in the offensive line). I think we’ve helped the group by mixing the protections at times. The biggest piece I see in the growth is really the run game. Early in the year, the first couple of games, it was a struggle to run the ball. Toward the end of the year, we felt like we could run it a little bit better and I think that’s a sign that the offensive line was getting better.”

On future expectations: “If you start to look forward, which we haven’t, but if you do, the expectations are going to be higher because a lot of these guys have experience. Getting a piecelike John Ross back will be an added expectation and getting him in the fold and now all of these guys that have been first year players will be second year players that have been seasoned. We’re excited about all of that, but we’ve still go one more game first.”

On working with new WR coach, Bush Hamdan: “He’s been awesome. He was pretty involved throughout the year, so that really hasn’t changed. He brings a new energy. He’s a good football coach. He can coach a lot of positions. He’s coached a lot of positions outside of the wide receivers, so it was an easy transition for him. Obviously, he came in here, he knew the system and he knew the expectations and that made things really easy.”

On Hamdan’s gameday focus: “He’s got some different responsibility now, he really does, so he’s got that (wide receiver) group. Obviously, when it comes to the passing game, quarterbacks and receivers are trying to be on the same page, so he’ll still be pretty actively involved, but his responsibility is the receiver position and he’s got those guys off to a good start in the first couple of practices.”

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On helping with the gameplan: “He’ll bring some more insights for sure. We’ll count on him a lot of times in coverage recognition and how we went to attack that coverage.” Top Stories