VIDEO: Washington Receivers Coach Bush Hamdan Friday Night Briefing - 12/18

New Washington Receivers Coach Bush Hamdan met with the media for the first time Friday night after being named to the position Tuesday. He talked about getting the job, the path taken to Washington, and what he expects from the receivers not only at the Zaxby's Heart of Dallas Bowl, but also in the long term.

Tell us about the last week or so “Ever since the season got done just trying to figure some things out. But obviously extremely excited about this opportunity and ready to get going with the bowl game.”

What were your game week and game day responsibilities up to now? “Obviously there are some things with restrictions you have being a quality control guy, so it was really just from a sideline management standpoint…certain things we saw, and if there were things that needed to be relayed from the top to the bottom, but for the most part just sideline management stuff.”

So now how does your game day role change? “It changes. The whole role changes. For myself, it’s been a nice part of being with the quarterbacks for a full year, kind of being able to hear what coach Smith’s been telling them and being around that part of it. And now bringing that to the receiver room I think it brings those guys a little bit closer together from a connection standpoint, understand where guys are going to be.”

How long have you known Chris Petersen? “I’ve probably known Coach Pete now for close to 10 years. I’ve got to be honest; he’s probably the reason I got in this profession, and obviously my experience at Boise was an unbelievable one. Really blessed to be with what I feel is one of the best guys in college football.”

How do your strengths match up with his strengths “We’re probably similar. We’ve been around each other for so long. I was talking with a recruit and he said, ‘I couldn’t tell who was who’, so obviously when you have mentors and there’s a little bit of trying to be like them, I think that’s rubbed off on me. Obviously a great experience to be back with him.”

What are some of the most important things from Pete that have rubbed off onto your coaching? “I think the first is that he’s an unbelievable person. He’s real with people. There’s no trying to sell you on something he’s not. I think that’s the number-one thing. There’s a lot of respect there when you’re a player for him. The Built For Life thing, it may not have been called that 10-15 years ago, but it’s always been Built For Life, something bigger than football. So I think as an 18-year old, 19-year old, when you have someone that you play for that’s as invested in their future as you are, that means a lot. From the football standpoint, being extremely detailed and being a great communicator - all those things I’d like to continue to be as I move forward here.”

How was the thought process when you were offered the job? “There was a lot of things going through my mind. Obviously ecstatic about the opportunity again, to work at one of the top-10 universities in the nation, for Chris Petersen. It was a no-brainer and just made the decision moving forward and getting ready to work with these guys.”

Was it always your thought to move up when you got here? “What’s unique about my situation is, I’ve coordinated twice now, been a position coach with the quarterbacks, receivers, tight ends…the biggest things for me to come back here was, I’d been around college football now for 7-8 years. I think there’s a lot of guys on this staff were the reason I got into it, and there was a little bit of an emptiness feeling of, I’d been around, doing it for this long and I’d never really been on a staff run by Chris Petersen. So I think that was the biggest thing for me. I wasn’t thinking it was going to end up like it did and all that, but just to be around him and see how he did it on a day-to-day basis and really gain that experience.”

When you hear Passing Game Coordinator, what does that mean to you? “For me, we do some really good stuff here and have done some really good stuff here. I think a lot of it is continuing to try and clean up the details and try to contribute as much to the pass game with Jonathan Smith and put a plan together that makes our guys successful.”

What have you seen so far from the receivers? “I’m fired up. I think we’ve got some good players. They’ve brought some really good energy. We’re excited about where we’re going. This bowl game, this is not something where we’re just building for the future. We need to go out and play at our best and really send off our seniors Jaydon Mickens and Marvin Hall off the right way.”

In the short term, what do you think they need? “We’ve got to continue to build confidence. We’ve got some guys playing right now that are normally redshirting and in the weight room - at least what I’m used to. We really don’t have twos or young guys; a lot of times in bowl prep you’re getting those young guys the reps. Some of our guys, Isaiah Benfro, Chico McClatcher - those guys are figuring into our two-deeps, so that’s probably our biggest challenge initially.”

What do you see your vision being for the group? “I don’t know if I necessarily get into all those types of things. From a standpoint of being extremely detailed, I think that’s something that’s always going to be really important to me. I think there’s going to be a little bit of an edge. Like I said, this is not necessarily my first position coaching job; in 6-7 years it’s been a long road. Naturally you build a little bit of an edge with something to prove, and I hope those guys get that.” Top Stories