VIDEO: Washington Receiver Brayden Lenius Friday Night Briefing - 12/18 spoke Friday with sophomore receiver Brayden Lenius, as the Washington Huskies continued to ramp up their workload in anticipation of their December 26 matchup with the Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles in the Zaxby's Heart of Dallas Bowl.

On practice so far: “We’ve had a lot of great energy so far, we’ve been off for a little bit too, so it’s been going really good, pretty smooth.”
On playing in the bowl game: “My grandpa, when he played for Tennessee State, he played in the Cotton Bowl, so that’s got pretty big meaning. I’ll get to play on the same field as my grandpa did.”
On Southern Miss: “They’re good, they’ve got some athletes, but we’ve got plays to attack the defense and all that, so it’s a good matchup for us.”
On the confidence level of the Huskies: “We’ve got that momentum right now. We’re all confident now. There’s so much more confidence since the start of the season. You can just feel that when we’re making plays on our number one defense so it helps a lot.”
On the growth of Jake Browning: “He grows every single week, every single day. It’s crazy how much he’s grown since he first got here. Just watching him, it’s pretty cool.”
On the transition from Brent Pease to Bush Hamdan: “Coach Pease is the one who brought me here, so I’m sad to see him go, but he’s a great guy, a great coach, I love him, but coach Bush brings a different kind of energy and he gets the guys going. We’re all getting excited and stuff.”
On the more technical side/running routes with Hamdan: “He did it really quick. Even the first day, our defensive backs were like ‘whoa’, in 40 minutes after our first meeting and ‘you guys’ footwork is already better. He’s got a different style, but it’s not that much different than coach Pease’s way, but it’s just a different way of doing things.” Top Stories