Husky LB Keishawn Bierria talks about bowl preparations and how the players are prioritizing their time

Husky linebacker Keishawn Bierria spoke to the media on Saturday as he and his team continue preparations for Washington's bowl game with Southern Miss...

On preparation for the bowl game “I feel pretty good about everything. We’re pretty much just run our basic deal, what we do, and just focusing on learning their game plan and getting it down.”


On getting a feel for Southern Miss “Yeah. Just like most of the teams we’ve played this year everybody is pretty explosive. And we’ve pretty much been running against their style of offense all year. We’ve seen it numerous times. So it’s just basically running through we learned throughout the year and sharpening our tools.”


On looking at this game as an opportunity to put a final stamp on their stellar defensive season “I feel like we’re cementing something right now, but it’s not the end of the season for us; it’s more like the beginning. It’s just we’re going to try to carry on from what we do in this bowl game to next year. So we have to focus on getting a win.”


On an emphasis on coming out sharp and with energy “Definitely. You understand that mindset you need to have going into a bowl game, especially the older guys and the guys who have been through it. Losing a bowl game is never good, especially sending the seniors off with a ‘L’. That’s never a good feeling to bring back next year. And I remember how I feels and I’m for sure going to tell the young guys and make sure they know how it feels and make sure we come out how and do what we have to do.”


On what the team can do to ensure a sharp start “Actually it’s just details, just the small things. Things you don’t really pay attention to. It’s that mindset and you show up in that state. Even as soon as you put those pads on for that first practice out there it’s all about that mindset. We actually did a practice out there. I felt like guys were locked in but we didn’t continue it all the way to the game. You have to finish four quarters. Defintely just having that mindset from here to the bowl game to after the game to next year.”


On Southern Miss’ QB Nick Mullens “He’s a pretty accurate quarterback. He’s pretty athletic. We do our deal. We try to keep him caged in.”


On dealing with their two 1000-yard rushers “Come up and tackle. We just have to focus and emphasize on tackling. We have to get those guys down.” Top Stories