UW senior LB Travis Feeney talks about bowl preparations and his final game as a Husky

Washington senior LB Travis Feeney talks about his final game with the Huskies and reflects on his final moments at Husky Stadium in this year's Apple Cup

On what the bowl game means for him “Just as much as walking up out the Apple Cup. You ‘re thinking it’s your last game and you just want to give it your all and go out on an exciting win. That’s all you want to do. You want to be bale to finish on top and finish leaving the team better than what you came in with. That’s just how it is with this one. My last one. That’s my whole thoughts about it.”


On his final moments in Husky Stadium and the Apple Cup “It’s just something that’s never going to be forgotten. That’s going to be one game that I never forget. It’s going to be my number one game, my all time favorite moment. Me and Tani (Tupou) had to finish out with a blast. Tani was waving around the flag. Just memories. It’s something unique that’s going to something that’s always going to be right there in my heart. It feels great.”


On if being loud and active is an identity of this defense “Yeah. I think definitely that guys like us I think it’s more with the guys you see them at practice going crazy, jumping around, dancing, and it’s going to keep going from here. It’s definitely was a good starting point. It started way before us. We just kept it going. I think that’s defensively how the Huskies have been. We always like to party and be rowdy and have fun.”


On if the bowl game is one last opportunity to show off for scouts “Yeah. Definitely just trying to show what I got. Trying to show what I can do and trying to play hard and play my best for my team and give it my all and just put it all our there on film. Hopefully it’s something good and just keep moving forward from that.”


On Southern Miss “They’re just a good team. They’re a good team. Their running backs run hard. They have a couple of good receivers and they have a good quarterback. They fling it around on offense and they make a lot of big plays. We have to be ready, we have to tackle, and we all have to be on the ball.  Everybody has to pack on tackling and there has to be 11 guys to the ball every time. We just have to be running around, man. Just having fun. Doing what we normally do.”

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