VIDEO: Dejounte Murray/Andrew Andrews Post-Game - Oakland spoke Saturday with Dejounte Murray and Andrew Andrews after the Washington Huskies fell to the Oakland Golden Grizzlies 97-83 at Alaska Airlines Arena.

Dejounte Murray

On Oakland dominating offensive rebounds “Like he said, he pretty much said it all. That was a good team, well-coached team and they just came and they never stopped. They kept going hard, like he said. We went on a run and cut it down and they went back on a run. It’s just a learning experience and we have to get back to practicing and get ready for the next team.”


On how demoralizing it is when their run is answered by a run by their opponent “It is a little bit, but we just have to play our game and just keep playing together and just do what we do. We tried.”


On Seattle U “I know two guys there: the coach (Cameron Dollar) and Malik Montoya. It’s just another team. They’re cool people. When it’s time to play, they’re enemies.”


Andrew Andrews 

On the difficulty of stopping Kay Felder “I think one in the first half he was just making tough shots. He was just good. He made a lot of contested shots. I don’t think it was anything we were doing. In the second half Dejounte (Murray) did a good job. His length bothered him a lot so he kind of slowed him down a little bit with his length. Other than that he was just making a lot of contested shots. A couple of times in the first half they got him going a little bit with backdoor layups and he got a couple like chippers from offensive rebounds and stuff like that. Any time you let a great scorer like that get in a rhythm then he kind of starts to get going.”


On if they’ve never seen a player like Kay Felder before “No. I think we’ve seen it before. Playing with Isaiah (Taylor), Isaiah is probably quicker than him, Isaiah Taylor from Texas probably a little bit quicker. I think it’s a combination of what he means to his team. He does everything for them. He constantly has the ball in his hands. Every play he’s trying to make a play. That’s always tough to guard when you have someone that’s scoring every single time. But like I said, in the second half we did a much better job on him.”


On young players learning to overcome foul trouble issues “It just takes time, especially with these incoming freshman because of the rule changes. They’re more strict than they’ve ever been as far as no hands. Even a few calls that I got I was questioning. So I think it’s just about learning, taking each game as they come, and each game is a learning experience for everybody. That’s probably just the biggest thing. They’ll learn how to stay out of foul trouble. We have league in two weeks and another game on Tuesday so we’ve got to just keep preparing.”


On a slower start today “I wouldn’t slay there was any sluggishness. I just think they were a veteran team. They came in here and a lot of them are upper classmen. Some of them have transferred, a lot of them have played together and they knew what they were doing as a unit. This was probably the best transition defense they’ve played all year. They’re a really well coached team so they came in ready to play and they kind of slowed us down a little bit. Take nothing away from them, they came out and just played good defense. We came out with a lot of energy to start, but they made shots. That’s just how it was.”


On takeaways from the loss “I think the biggest thing we take away is we have to come out every day. It doesn’t matter. We were talking about a little bit in the locker room, we were watching Utah play Duke, this is the first college basketball season that I’ve been a part of that no team is the favorite. It doesn’t matter who you’re playing against; every team can come out and give you a run for your money. There is no team in the country that it’s just like ‘oh man, they’re the team.’ Just coming out and playing every game as hard as possible, which I think we did today. They just came a little more prepared and ready to play. Like I said, they came out and were a good team and played hard.” Top Stories