VIDEO: Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar Post-Game - Oakland

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar met with reporters after the Huskies suffered a 97-83 loss at the hands of the Oakland Golden Grizzlies Saturday afternoon at Alaska Airlines Arena.

Opening statement “Well, Oakland is a very impressive team. The last guy that played in this building that played like that plays for the Celtics now. He was outstanding today. (Kay) Felder, he’s just a really good basketball player. You can see why he leads the nation in assists and why he’s fifth in scoring. He’ll probably move up now. They’re an impressive, veteran group. Early on they came out and I thought they were very physical and we were a step slow and consequently got in foul trouble early. We weren’t able to knock shots down early. Finally we had some life a couple of times but we made mistakes and they were able to distance themselves from us in the second half. Tough team. We have to move on obviously and get ready for the next one.”


On if he’s curious how the team will respond “Not really. I’m sure we’ll respond the right way. I don’t think this is a game we’ll go spiraling the wrong way. I’m sure we’ll respond the right way.”


On what was impressive about Kay Felder “He takes his time. He turns it on when he has to. He plays with difference gears. I think that great point guards have different gears and he has that. He was trapped at times and pressed at times and he didn’t get rattled. It was difficult to make him do something that he did not want to do.”


On takeaways from a game like this “One is that we’re not invincible and a team that you’ve never really watched play before can come in here and beat you – right in here and take a game from you. And that the scouting reports are not trying to overhype somebody.”


On foul trouble “I thought, just psychologically, we picked up some fouls early and the ball didn’t go in for us early. Psychologically that might have played on it. But, again, regardless of what happens the guy (Kay) Felder comes out and makes play after play.  We had cut it down after they went up and then he goes on a scoring spree. He’s a good basketball player.”


On Felder’s contributions “I thought he just a couple of times – one of the things we told our team was that they would run a lot of motion around the rim but it would free him up to kind of do his thing – he just got in the zone. They weren’t running anything. It was just him starting to make shots. Over the years Salim Stoudamire scores 37 points on us in the PAC-10 championship game. We won the game but it was a phenomenal performance. Klay Thompson scores, and we guarded him with everybody, Klay Thompson scores 40-some points on us. We won that game. We won a game against Gonzaga with Adam Morrison going off. Just super performances. Every now and then there’s a player out there that has a great night. We can say ‘should we have run at him? What should we have done differently to throw him off?’ Maybe we could have done some different things. I think he’s cleaver enough to where he sees the double team coming and just kind of goes at you and makes you pay for it. Hats off to him and his team and their coaches. We saw a great performance here today.”

On the game plan against Felder “We were going to try to trap him on the ball screens. I didn’t think we did a good enough job on that because once we got a couple fouls that took our aggressiveness away, so we didn’t do a very good job of that. We wanted to be aware of where he was. But again, when they have the floor spread like that and just one guy up at the top, unless you just leave your man and go – and they shoot the ball so well – we were afraid to do that and have guys wide open for shots. That’s how it went.”


On Martez Walker “That might be the unsung hero in the game, because he came out and scored 18 points and was very active. He did a very good job for them and kind of helped (Kay) Felder that way. I thought (Jalen) Hayes played a very good game with 17 rebounds, but he kind of played off of those guys. Walker, he came in and made his presence felt.”


On 37 threes attempted “They kind of lull you to sleep in the way they play. We didn’t force many threes. They were wide-open threes. We weren’t able to knock those down. It’s hard to turn those down. Three out of four or four out of five games we’ve made 40% of our threes and all of a sudden we’re going to turn them down? Nope. I don’t think so. I don’t think we were forcing those threes; they were open. Thirty-seven is a lot though, but remember we probably took eight or nine down the stretch when the game was out of hand.”


On the rebounding “We got out rebounded. I don’t think there’s one formula. Again, I want to go back and look at the film and see how many of those rebounds they got offensively were as a result of the penetration there. We missed so many shots. That is an area where foul trouble, getting down, whatever it was, I don’t think we attacked the offensive boards as hard as we have been attacking them.” Top Stories