VIDEO: Lorenzo Romar Post-Game - Seattle U

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar spoke to the media post-game Tuesday night after the Huskies defeated the Seattle University Redhawks 79-68 at Alaska Airlines Arena.

Opening statement “I’ll give Seattle U and coach Dollar and his staff a lot of credit. I thought they played a good game. I thought our pressure at times we were able to bother them. But aside from that, as you go into a game and prepare and game plan, I thought they probably felt like they did their job in that regard and we certainly felt it. I think coach (Dollar) has them playing right. I think he’s done a great job assessing his personnel and deciding what type of way they’re going to play and I think it’s an effective way of going out and playing basketball. It was a great game for us in that we hadn’t faced that much zone all year and we got a lot of reps in it. Our guys played and adjusted at times and I thought we did okay. it was good to see David Crisp come in and come off the bench and play the way that he did. Malik Dime has four blocks in six minutes in the first half. He kind of set the tone. I thought there were several times that the Seattle U players were going to the rim and saw Malik and passed the ball back out. He did a very good job of anchoring our defense in that regard.”


On if he and coach Dollar ever talk about how often there seem to be incidents in this matchup “No. We’ve never had that conversation. That incident that happened at the end of the game, that’s not the first time that’s happened this year. It’s basketball. Things like that happen. There was no riot. It was nothing. Control was kept. You play basketball; through out the day there are a lot of basketball games played. I bet you in many of them things like that happened. I don’t see it as something that was just out of the ordinary. It just seems like in this series sometimes that happens, but it’s basketball. With two things competing those things happen.”


On the half court offense tonight “Tonight there was no man-to-man being played. It was zone. I thought our guys did a really good job of not being lulled to sleep. You play against a zone for 40 minutes you tend to walk the ball up the floor. I thought we still tried to push the ball up the floor and play at a good pace. I thought that we got the ball inside. We played inside out. I thought our guys did a pretty good job.”


On what he told his team when Seattle U closed the gap to four with 11 minutes left “We talked about not thinking that we have to make a home run play. Sometimes, like I said, because it came easy for us at times, especially here, we think that it’s going to come easy every time. But it’s not. Settle down. Work the ball. We scored 45 points or something at half time and it was the same pace. We’re going to score points. We just don’t have to pick them up so quickly. The team we played the other night, Oakland, they do a great job of that. They push the ball up the floor. They don’t have it; they take their time and not try to make a home run play. We didn’t tell them all that, but the message was that. We were also frustrated with Pow’s (William Powell) ability to get to the rim because we talked about how good of a driver he was and we continued to pressure him as if he was a 60% three-point shooter. We talked about some of those things.”


On David Crisp “David (Crisp, has, it worked out for him very well.  I don’t know if most people look at it this way. He has Shaquan Aaron, Dejounte Murray, D’Juan Piper, himself. All these guys are on his high school team. They win big. They have other stars, other D-1 guys. Then he goes to Brewster, 71 guys or whatever it was on the team too. So he’s accustomed to going out and playing within a team concept. He’s not been in the situation the past couple years where he is the only guy and he has to score 30 for them to win. So I think that’s helped him be able to play now with other players that can score the ball. He understands when he needs to be patient. He understands when he needs to be aggressive.”


On running some sets to get David Crisp the ball that were similar to sets to get C.J. Wilcox the ball in the past “Yeah. When you have a guy that can make those shots you bring it out. I thought Andrew (Andrews) did a good job of recognizing it, that he (David Crisp) was on, and we tried to get him the ball in positions where he could have pretty good looks. He knocked them down and they were crucial shots for us.”


On Malik Dime scoring more “Guys did a good job of penetrating and dropping the ball off to him. He had an offensive put back I think, maybe one or two of those. Then the last move he made when we were up eight or ten, they threw the ball against the press inside and he just kind of went up confidently and shot the little jump hook. Those are things he’s capable of doing. He just has to totally believe. He says he believes it though. He says he believes he can do it.”


On fewer fouls today and how it affected the game “I don’t think we went there are going to be a whole bunch off fouls called. We never talked to our team about that. We talked about maybe them being creative and doing some things differently defensively or offensively, whatever it was. Understand they were in a zone the entire game. One of the reasons, I’ve not talked to coach (Dollar) about this, one of the reasons maybe they played as much zone was to stay out of foul trouble. That takes away from the fouling there. I think our guys are doing a much better job of coming here. And sometimes you may give up an easy basket because of it. But they’re not in the bonus quicker and you’re not on the bench quicker. I think our guys are doing a better job of that. I also think the officials have kind of flattened out to where the fouls are a little more realistic in their calls.” Top Stories