VIDEO: Andrew Andrews/Marquese Chriss Post-Game Briefing - Seattle University

Washington players Andrew Andrews and Marquese Chriss spoke to the media post-game Tuesday night after the Huskies defeated cross-city Seattle University 79-68. Andrews scored 18 and also had eight assists, while Chriss had 16 points and five rebounds.

Marquese Chriss

On the battle down low “Those are really big bodies but I think all of our bigs with heart. We kind of play bigger than we really are. We have a bunch of 6’8” – 6’9” centers but we play like we’re seven footers. We try to not let anybody get the better of us and try to do the best we can.”


On the game plan to handle the bigger Seattle U post players “I mean pretty much we front the post all the time and then we have front side. That’s pretty much how we play every big. There wasn’t really anything specific.”

Andrew Andrews 

On the flagrant foul and ensuing altercation “We knew it was an in-town rivalry. Usually something of that nature kind of happens every game between us. Coach was telling us before the game to be prepared for any kind of situation. We’ve had a couple situations in the past where they just fouled every time we came down in the second half so we were pretty prepared for it.”


On both coaches coming on the floor during the altercation “Definitely. But that’s just kind of just the rivalry aspect of the game. Especially with coach Dollar being their coach and he and coach Romar having a history. They both came out on the floor to make sure everybody was okay. It was pretty good. The refs handled it perfect.”


On feeling like they were a play or two away from putting the game away at times “Yeah. We had that feel going into it, but a couple of their guys made some big plays for them, which kind of kept them in the game. Some of our points in the huddle was we can’t let them stick around, which we kind of did towards the end. But David (Crisp) came in and made a couple of big plays and kind of lift us over and get us a steady lead enough to kind of break through.”


On fewer fouls being a surprise in this game “Yeah, 100%. Usually we have a lot of fouls and a lot of free throws in this game. I think at the end of the game they only had three team fouls so they couldn’t foul us at the end to put us on the line and slow the game down. This was a different look for us.”


On contributions from David Crisp and Malik Dime “Huge.  That’s something that we’ve been expecting from them; that’s been constant for them the whole year. I think when they come in we’re always going to get energy. David (Crisp) is going to come in and knock down shots. Malik (Dime) is going to protect the paint for us. I think that’s something we rely on heavy for our team.”


On Seattle U’s talent over the years  “I think he (coach Dollar) always recruits good guards, always recruits people that can shoot, and ever since I’ve been there they’ve always had a big or someone kind of like Pow (William Powell) who has that play hard, play aggressive type mindset. Each year has been a tough game. A couple of times the score was lopsided but they always challenged us. Always helped us work on our defense, our offensive principles, and offensive principles. Every time we’ve played them it’s been a pretty good matchup.”


On Malik Dime’s shot blocking “He doesn’t get as much publicity as Rob (Robert Upshaw) did, but he’s almost doing the same thing. Not as many blocks as Rob and no tin the same fashion, but for us he does that same thing. Every time someone goes to the paint and he’s in the game we feel like it’s going to get blocked so we’re getting ready to go out on the break. A lot of times he goes for everyone, which has been different. Rob would kind of pick and choose and time his, but Malik goes for every single block, which even if he doesn’t get it, it helps because offensive players are adjusting and nine times out of ten they miss the shot and we get the rebound and go the other way.” Top Stories