Husky freshman QB Jake Browning talks about Washington's 44-31 win over Southern Miss in the Heart of Dallas Bowl caught up with Washington QB Jake Browning following his team's big 44-31 win over Southern Miss in the Heart of Dallas Bowl...

Assessing his season: "I have to start the season better, get better on deep balls. I'll go back and watch a lot of this in the offseason, put together what I can get better at and put together a plan and try to put in the hardest work that I can."

On how this spring will be different from last spring for him: "There's little tweaks here and there now that I've been through the whole thing once. Coach (Tim) Socha will run a lot of it, but little things here and there that I will do differently now that Iv'e been through a whole season."

On how he felt like he came through the season: "I can get stronger and bigger. I think we all know that and I'm not a physical specimen by any means so doing some of those things in the offseason and being very disciplined there and enjoy this and go home and spend some time with my family."

On how much time he gets to spend with his family: "I get to go back for a week. It's a little weird, you're a freshman and it's a little different, Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I have a great family here with the team."

On if his family came to see him play in the bowl game: "Nah. I have a three year old sister so Christmas is huge. I totally get that."

On how difficult it was to keep the momentum going without some of his top receivers: "I thought the next person stepped up big time. Marvin (Hall) stepped up, Connor (Griffin) had his first catch, Darrell (Daniels) stepped up big, I feel like we picked up right where we left off."

On the progress of the offense: "We kept grinding all year, never got down on ourselves, no one ever gave up and we just worked all season to get better."

On Myles Gaskin: "I just gotta hand the ball off and watch. I think he'd be the first one to tell you, the offensive line was a big reason we were able to put up so many points later in the year." Top Stories