Husky offensive coordinator Jonathan Smith talks about Washington's 44-31 win over Southern Miss in the Heart of Dallas Bowl caught up with Washington offensive coordinator Jonathan Smith following his team's big 44-31 win over Southern Miss in the Heart of Dallas Bowl...

580 yards - season high? - “I don’t exactly remember; it’s gotta be pretty close. I thought the kids played hard. Good mix of run and pass. Obviously Myles breaking out, especially in the second half made a huge difference for us.”

Started with Lavon Coleman - what was the plan there? “Couple of those runs, we’ve got groups for guys and a couple were for Lavon. I thought Lavon did a good job on a couple of early runs. He really did. And he had a nice run in the fourth quarter there. So we’ve got some groups for some guys that are going to get other carries and obviously Myles gets the most, but it’s nice to see all those guys get in.”

So it wasn’t anything with heat/humidity? - “No. Not totally.”

Talk about the balance between establishing things and also mixing things up with the trick plays - “You always want to keep them on their heels a little bit. You get too vanilla trying to establish the run game makes it even harder. Obviously we are trying to run the ball at times, but we tried to mix in some things in the fourth quarter to run the ball and run it well.”

What did you see from USM? - “I thought they were athletic and physical and I thought that showed up out there. They didn’t give us any freebies. We had to create some things. And we did. But we tried to take advantage of what was presented in some of their coverage schemes. We hit a couple, we missed a couple. But I thought the o-line did a good job of keeping guys covered up for Myles in the second half. It was a big difference.”

Given the wind and the receivers getting hurt, how would you assess Browning’s day? - “I thought he was solid. He didn’t totally kill us in any way. I thought he was really efficient in the first half, 15-21 in the first half. We had a couple throws we could have gotten but he made a couple plays with his feet that were huge for us too in converting drives. I thought he was pretty solid today.”

From Day One to now, how would you assess the progression of the offense? - “I think we’ve progressed a long ways. I think a couple of the young guys settled in. Obviously Myles makes a big difference. I thought the quarterback is going to be a good player in this conference. Our front continued to get better and will continue to gel. And we’ve got some talent there that’s going to continue to get better. We’re excited about where we’re headed.” Top Stories