VIDEO: Dime/Crisp Post-Game UC-Santa Barbara

Washington's Malik Dime and David Crisp spoke to the media late Monday night after the Huskies lost to the UC-Santa Barbara Gauchos 83-78 at Alaska Airlines Arena.

Malik Dime

On feeling like they could exploit UCSB inside “Yeah we did. But, just like David (Crisp) said, they played zone. We just settled to take some shots, some early shots, and nothing was falling in. We just had a bad shooting day.”


On the mood after the game “No one likes losing so everyone felt down, but we know that we have a lot of things to work on. We’re going to come tomorrow for practice and for the next couple days and move on to the next one, UCLA. Right now they’re our biggest opponent. We have to take it one step at a time.


On the team bouncing back quickly after losing to Oakland “Like I said, everybody’s going to still think about it. But we worked in practice, watched film so that all the mistakes we make, we learned from it and got better at it. We’re going to do the same thing after this game. We’re going to come tomorrow, watch some film, practice, and get better and be ready for Friday.”


On how excited the team is for Friday “Really excited. We don’t really seem excited right now but we are excited. And we definitely are going to be ready by Friday.”

David Crisp

On UCSB and what they were expecting “We knew they were going to be a tough team. We saw their record and threw it out the window and realized that they had a tough schedule. We just tried to get ready defensively because they were going to come in and play good, like they did, and we didn’t execute.”


On the toughness of getting into UCSB’s zone “It wasn’t so much it being tough to get into their zone, we just settled to much. A lot of times when we swing the ball around somebody should try to get in the paint, but a lot of times we settled. We can’t settle like that.”


On if it would be wrong to say the team started the game flat and uninspired “No. I heard when we were stretching when the bigs were doing their stuff I heard one of the coaches say ‘I hope the guards have more energy.’ We came out and I thought ours was flat too. We have to do a better job of coming out and getting ready to play and getting our minds ready right when we wake up, day of the game.”


On how going eight minutes without making a shot impacts defense “We’re a new group so I feel like we have to get over that hump of finding that spark to play with if we don’t see the ball going through the hoop. If we don’t see the ball going through sometimes we get down on ourselves and that translates over to our defense and we can’t let that happen. We have to start defensively into our offense. Get steals and get easy buckets.”


On the second half “We picked it up, picked our intensity up, for sure, but we can’t trade buckets. They were a good offensive team and they were efficient. We can’t trade buckets. We have to get stops and then convert on those stops.”


On playing against UCLA Friday “It’s crazy. It’s what I dreamed about; playing in those types of games. It’s going to be real fun. We were so excited for that game we might have gotten a little over excited thinking about UCLA. We have to remember to take it one game at a time.” Top Stories