VIDEO: Lorenzo Romar Post-Game UC-Santa Barbara

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar talked about the Huskies' 'wake up call' they received Monday in the form of an 83-78 loss at the hands of the UC-Santa Barbara Gauchos.

Opening statement “There’s no better teacher than experience. What we’ve been able to experience the last few weeks here are teams that our guys didn’t necessarily follow when they were in high school but who are good teams in their own right. That’s Oakland and (UC) Santa Barbara. I think our guys learned some valuable lessons in that this level you fear no one but you respect every one. Santa Barbara just came in here and took the game from us, which is what we told our team that they were capable of doing. They did an outstanding job of sticking to what they wanted to do and I thought that when our shots didn’t fall that we kind of relaxed on the defensive end and weren’t able to totally recover. When we play with energy and we’re locked in we’re much better. Overall we weren’t able to get over the hump because I don’t think we were disciplined as we needed to be on the defensive end.”


On guys potentially overlooking past UCSB to UCLA “We talked to our guys afterwards and guys kind of said a little bit of that. Sometimes, like I said, the best teacher is experience. Sometimes we can say this, say that, and warn guys and bring up past examples of what happened. But “that was them, that was then, that was another time. That’s not going to happen to us” kind of situation. It did happen to us. Unfortunately, like we always say, it’s not a video game; we can’t start it over. It is a loss leading into conference. But I think our guys learned a valuable lesson, not just about what opponent we played, but how important it is in the first five minutes of a game, every possession, the three minutes before halftime, how important that is. Every possession is monumental. I think our guys understand that a lot more right now.”


On the team coming out flat “I told coach Chillious before the game, I said ‘ I feel like, is it the dogs that can sense an earthquake is coming and no one else can? That’s how I feel about this game.’ I said ‘we better play. We better be ready to play.’”


On similarities between this game and Oakland “I don’t think so. The ball went down for us. We played against a good team that was well coached, but against one of the top players in the country that just made plays by himself in that game and his team played off of him. This game was different. We couldn’t make shots early. They’re methodical approach on offense I thought made our guys grow impatient. We began to gamble; we got ‘come on, let’s get on with the show. Let’s go. I’m going to make it happen.’ And we got out of position. Give them credit for being able to do that. They turned the ball over 17 times. They still turned it over. For the most part they got us to jump offside, so to speak.”


On giving up backdoor cuts “In the first half I think we gave up two and they turned it over 10 or 11 times. We’ll take the trade off. In the second half we became negligent. It’s one thing to get backdoored and you have help there. But we were getting backdoor when we were negligent and we weren’t seeing the ball away from it on the weak side. They were coming back dribbling at us, we’d come to deny, and they were backdooring us and we didn’t do as good a job in the second half as we did in the first half of defending us. There were breakdowns. It’s one thing if they’re getting backdoors because they practiced too and they’re going to get a couple. That’s the trade off. I thought tonight our impatience on the defensive end bit us in the butt.”


On having to man-manage the younger players and keep their spirits up “I don’t think we’re at that point yet. I think right now we’re at a point where we’ve had a wakeup call. That’s where I think we’re at. That ‘this isn’t as easy as I thought. We need to dial in even a little more.’ I think that’s kind of where we’re at right now.” Top Stories