VIDEO: Andrew Andrews Thursday Briefing - UCLA

The media spoke Thursday with Washington senior guard Andrew Andrews, who talked about playing UCLA Friday night, the challenges the Bruins will present, and how the young pups have responded to Monday night's loss to UC-Santa Barbara.

On moving on from Monday’s loss: Just move past it. It’s a long season. We never had the goal to be undefeated. I think the fact that we experienced that means we can learn from it. I think we played a pretty diverse non-conference schedule to get us ready for conference play.

On what’s different about Friday’s game with UCLA: I think the only think that changes is more people are talking about it. We never talked about needing to step up more because we play every game as hard as we can.
On different feel for conference play:  There’s a different feel, but not in terms of how we practice. There’s just more hype and we know who w’ere playing against. But our mindset doesn’t change
On making their shots being the key to winning games: Yeah. In the games that we loss we get stagnant up top. We worked on penetrating zones in practice and playing inside out. We’re ready.
On if he changes his game as teams start to adjust to his game and try to stop him: No not too much. I’ve been scouted since I’ve been here. We have so many options on this team it’s hard to scout us and take everything away. WE just have to keep making adjustments. We just have to be ready and coachable.
On how UCLA compares to previous UCLA teams: I remember one year they had a really dynamic scoring group. I think this is the same way. WE can’t take anybody for granted. WE have to be really dialed I’m
On the PAC-12: Its a really good conference. It should be an exciting year for us.
On communication being the key to better defense: Yeah. A lot of our defensive breakdowns comes from a lack of talking. This is a learning experience. Things are clicking more in practice and things are getting better.
On being more secure with the ball around Isaac Hamilton and Aaron Holiday: Yeah, definitely. UCLA plays a packed defense so when we drive we have to be secure. We know they’re tendencies and what they like to do so we should be prepared. Top Stories