VIDEO: Matisse Thybulle Thursday Briefing - UCLA

The media spoke Thursday with Washington freshman forward Matisse Thybulle, who talked about playing UCLA Friday night, the emotions of playing a team like UCLA that he's watched for years, the conference learning curve for these young Huskies, and more.

On PAC-12 play: There’s definitely a higer intensity. Everyone’s been focused thees last couple of days. We want to play at a higher level than we have

On emphasizing showing up to play: Yeah. We realize we’re talented but we realize we can’t just show up and beat teams. We have to play Husky basketball
On it being a matter of time before a young team figures that out: We’re young. This is our first go around. It was a matter of time for us to hit that wall. Now that we have we know what to do from here on out.
On the intensity of conference play: I think it’s going to be crazy. I can’t wait and I know the other guys are excited too.
On what a game against a team like UCLA means; I’ve watched my fair share of UCLA games. A lot of guys talk about watching these teams growing up and playing against them is a dream come true.
On playing such a respected program: It’s one thing to be a fan off the court. Once you’re out there nobody looks up to anybody. It’s dog eat dog.
On UCLA: They have a lot of weapons but so do we. We have to come out and be ready to play hard
On learning to use his athleticism: In college its not all about athleticism, you have to use it right. Coach Romar and my teammates are helping me learn how to use it and when to use it.
On their defense: A lot of communication and not getting help side defense. We’ve been working on that a lot this week.
On how losses effect team attitude: No one on this team likes to lose, but it doesn’t translate into getting chirpy with each other off the court. Top Stories