VIDEO: Andrew Andrews/Matisse Thybulle Post-Game - UCLA

Washington players Andrew Andrews and Matisse Thybulle spoke to the press post-game, as the Washington Huskies defeated the UCLA Bruins 96-93 Friday night at Alaska Airlines Arena.

Andrew Andrews 

On what he thought after Bryce Alford’s second game-tying three “’Not again.’ I told him after the end of the game ‘way to keep your team in it. Those were two big time shots.’ He’s one of their go-to-guys, something that we expected for him to do. In the beginning he started off slow so it was only a matter of time. I think it was more so about how we reacted to the shots as far as ‘alright, we just have another five minutes to come out with a win.’ And I think we did that. Our coaching staff did a good job making sure we were mentally focused.”


On what happened on Bryce Alford’s second three to force double overtime “We were just supposed to white. That was our first time going all guards, five-wide and everything. We got switched on to some bigs so we haven’t really been over that as far as of how to white when we’re front the big and trying to get over from the guard position. It’s just something to practice. We’re a really young team. There are going to be a lot of mistakes on the way. We can just learn from it.”


On more fouls called tonight “You hit the nail right on the head. I think the start of PAC-12 plays they’re starting to reinvent those calls that everyone was getting earlier on. We just have to make that adjustment. Towards the end of non-conference they were letting us play a little bit. Now that conference is back they’ve started calling hand checks and the two-hand automatic fouls. We’ve played with it before; we just have to adjust to it.”


On what allowed the Huskies to have success against the zone later in the game “Honestly I think it was that experience we talked about from the last home game we played where they zoned us the whole game. We were stagnant, not moving the ball, not attacking the zone. I think this game, since we had that experience in the last game, we were able to attack and get to the middle, then kick out to our shooters, try to play inside-out, and get open looks instead of contested shots.”


On his three pointer followed by his steal and slam “I personally can’t tell you. Any time the game gets close something in me makes me want to make some kind of play. It might be the wrong play but I just want to make a play. I noticed throughout the course of the game that (Isaac) Hamilton, whenever he drove he wasn’t looking to pass it; he was trying to get in the lane and shoot that floater. So I came across the lane and figured he wouldn’t see me. That was on the steal. On the three the shot clock was going down. I had an open look a couple plays before and I shot it short so I knew I needed to make an adjustment for the next shot so I just let it go.”


On wanting to miss his second free throw “Yeah I tried to miss it. I don’t know what happened. I’m usually pretty good at aiming and missing a free throw, but I don’t know. It just didn’t happen.”

Matisse Thybulle

On if he’s ever played a game this intense “Probably when I played against Baby Boy (Dejounte Murray) and David (Crisp) my junior year in the state championship. That would be the closest thing to this, but this was still by far the most intense game I’ve ever played in.”


On his mindset late in the game “I wasn’t going to lose that game. That was basically the whole thing going through my mind the whole time, ‘we’re not losing this.’ Just for being such a young team, as big a statement as it is for us to beat a team like UCLA, I was just like ‘there’s no way that I’m going to let this happen.’ So I did whatever I could and I think that’s the kind of mentality a lot of guys carried into overtime. Just doing whatever they could to make sure we got the win.” Top Stories