VIDEO: Lorenzo Romar Post-Game - UCLA

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar spoke post-game after the Washington Huskies held on to defeat the UCLA Bruins 96-93 in double overtime Friday night at Alaska Airlines Arena.

Opening statement “Well, if you’re a fan I would imagine you really enjoyed that basketball game. Coaches move on to the next one. It was a gut-check win for us obviously. We’ve had more experienced teams that were NCAA tournament teams that have been in that situation, where you fight hard and the game goes into overtime and they hit a shot like (Brice) Alford hit, and mentally guys weren’t able to recover. Tonight we recovered twice in overtime. It speaks a lot for Andrew (Andrew)’s leadership out there and these guys playing older than their age tonight. There were so many heroes in this game. I was very, very happy to see us win it as a team, stay in it mentally, and now we have to move on to the next one.”


On what he was thinking when Bryce Alford shot the second three to tie it at the end of overtime “We were supposed to switch on that one. We didn’t. That’s what I was thinking.”


On contemplating fouling when up three with little time left “First time there were probably eight seconds when he went to take the shot and we feel that’s a little to early. When it gets down to six that’s when we’ll do it. The second time it was the switch. We had to switch to even foul. The third time we executed it the way we wanted to execute it, which was foul.”


On the possibility of the foul at the end on Bryce Alford being a flagrant foul on Murray “If they would have called that I probably would have been ejected at that point.”


On tighter officiating tonight “Well, you know, it’s conference. And just like we have dress rehearsal, I mean we want to be on point every game, but it’s conference; you have to turn it up. And I’m sure the officials talk about the same thing. ‘It’s conference play. We want to make sure we call this the way we talked about before the season.’ It obviously was called a little tighter. Again, it’s difficult for those officials with the way they’re being mandated to call this. It’s difficult for them. It’s not an easy job.”


On what this game says about this team after losing to UCSB on Monday “Well, it’s great. Our resiliency and courage is at a high level. But what we learned I think, we can go back and point to this when we practice tomorrow, ‘look what happens when we focus.’ I thought we had great focus defensively in the first half, and quite a bit in the second half, although we got in foul trouble. That team’s hard to guard. I thought our team did a good job. They were shooting 30% in the first half. I think you can point to that and say it’s unfortunate that we dropped a couple because we didn’t have as much focus, but we had it tonight. That’s what it looks like. We can point that out.”


On finding success against the zone “I just thought we did what we’ve been talking about. Dejounte (Murray) was sensational against the zone. He was either penetrating and scoring or he was passing. And then Andrew was hitting shots. David Crisp hit a few shots. Matisse Thybulle hit some big shots. That usually helps against any defense if you can make shots and we made more shots, but they were the right kind. Early on we took a few threes that, we just talked about the last few days, we don’t want to take. After that our guys settled down pretty good and I thought we took pretty good shots.”


On what this game says about Andrew Andrews “’I’m the captain of this team and I’m experienced; I’ve been through this before. This is how you do it.’ I thought he went out there and showed us. Even in the second overtime he hits the big shot then he gets the steal. He just led in a great way.”


On managing not having any post players towards the end “Our length is always good. Matisse Thybulle went in there and was at a height disadvantage but yet, because of his length, was able to get rebounds down the stretch; he was able to deflect passes. We were smaller but we were quicker when those guys were in there, so we were able to get in there and help each other out a lot.”


On how to make sure emotions don’t get too high after this win while preparing for USC “If we were undefeated maybe that would be an issue. We’re not undefeated. In league we are. But we dropped a couple of games we would like to have back, so we’ve have that experience. You talk about learning from past experience; hopefully we’ve learned from those. I don’t think there’s anyone in this conference we can go in thinking we’re going to win the game by walking in.” Top Stories