VIDEO: Andrew Andrews/Dejounte Murray Post-Game - USC

Andrew Andrews and Dejounte Murray spoke to the media post-game Sunday after the Washington Huskies pulled off a stunning 87-85 comeback win over the USC Trojans.

Andrew Andrews

On USC losing Julian Jacobs “I was going to say that was probably the defining moment for their team because that slowed them down. We like to trap and take it out of their primary ball handler’s hands, but when they have both of them in the game you can’t really trap them and get them to speed up because one of them is always going to come back to the ball. So when he went down we were able to kind of corral (Jordan) McLaughlin and get someone else to bring it up and not get in their offense. That’s how we turned up the tempo of the game when they kind of went to slow it down.”


On the young players growing up right in front of him “That’s two games back-to-back. If people say they weren’t grown up, they’re pretty grown now. This is the first time I’ve been a part of coming back this late in the game. We were still down 16 or 18 with eight minutes to go or something like that. That’s huge guts on our behalf.”


On playing an athletic team like USC “Our main scout was on the board they were just like us with a year more experience. I think last year they were all sophomores. We knew coming in that (Julian) Jacobs was really athletic. They’re bigs run the floor. Everyone can bring it up the floor. We want to make it that type of game. The first half and the first couple minutes of the second half we just didn’t have any energy. We were kind of playing sluggish. Maybe that’s from the UCLA game, maybe it wasn’t. We didn’t have enough energy for them.”


On his put back “I called the play for Baby Boy (Dejounte Murray). He had 27 points. I know when somebody’s going to get them the ball. When I’m going I want the ball. He was going. He had to have the ball. He made the shot to bring us within one point. So I called the play figuring that if he’s going to miss I’m going to go in and try to get the rebound. Usually people don’t try to box out the point guard or whatever. I just tried to let him make a play and if it didn’t come up, go for the rebound.”


On if lingering exhaustion from UCLA was a factor “I think a little bit. I think it was more so mentally. We’re all young enough that our bodies are able to come back. But mentally it’s a lot playing two overtimes, coming back, and then playing against a good USC team. They’re good. It just took us a little bit to get going and get our motors back and get our minds right in a place it needs to be to play defense.”

Dejounte Murray 

On the team’s mindset down the stretch “I mean we just stayed together, stayed positive, tried to get our energy going again, and take every possession like it’s our last starting on defense. And that’s what we did and we got the win.”


On the defining moment of the comeback “I wouldn’t really say that, because we take every play at a time and every single play, we take it serious. I don’t really think that.”


On if their was a conscious effort for him to pick up the slack “I mean I just stay aggressive every single game. It’s either going to go my way or it’s not. I just stay aggressive. My team believed in me and everything was falling.”


On if he thought his first PAC-12 games would be like this “I honestly didn’t. That’s why I came here. I wanted to help this program and do what I do best on both ends of the floor. It’s going well. We have to keep it up.” Top Stories