VIDEO: Lorenzo Romar Thursday Briefing - WSU

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar spoke Thursday ahead of Washington's first Pac-12 road test Saturday in Pullman versus Washington State.

On recovering from USC: Yes.

On anything that looked different on tape from last weekend: We mentioned one. The first part was we weren’t as bad as we thought in the first half. USC was good and we got behind. We weren’t good defensively in the beginning of the second half and they distanced themselves. What was impressive is coming back from down seven with less than two minutes.
On the defense sparking the offense last weekend: There’s no question it was the defense that generated the offense. It’s been a pattern for su over the years. When you’re dialed in defensively, that focus carries over to the offensive end> All of a sudden you’re playing with confidence. You’re not thinking a lot, you’re playing with instincts.
On takeaways from the comeback wins: We understand what can be accomplished when we play with intensity and confidence. We were all in the foxhole together. It was almost magical the way it happened. When you experience that you go up a notch.
On playing on the road: Don’t change anything. You don’t have to change how you play. If you play the right way you should get it done. When you play on the road you have to be more aware, but in terms of style of play we’re ready to go on the road. We just can’t get distracted
On stopping the WSU offense: You have to get back and be organized. It’s one thing to be back on defense, and it’s another to be in position to help once you’re back on defense.
On coach Ernie Kent: There are a lot of things he still does that he did at Oregon that work for him. He gets his guys to believe in it. They like to play up-tempo, but they’re very organized in their up tempo.
On Josh Hawkinson: He’s a guy that the scout is almost irrelevant for him. Hawkinson just has a nose for the ball. He just kind of hangs around. He has a great feel for where the ball is and where openings are. He’s a smart player.
On how players like Josh Hawkinson sneak under the radar and then break out in college: I think Josh would tell you he’s not the player that he is now. He’s one of those rare guys that he ends up being a late bloomer.
On rivalry games on the road: I think it always is when you’re on the road for sure. You need to come ready to play on the road. They can come out and throw the first punch. You want to come out and take care of the ball and make sure you’re dialed in on defense.
On local players on the team add a different element to this rivalry: I think so. True rivalries are when both teams are near the top every year. We haven't had that as consistently over the past few years.
On how Andrew Andrews' career performance last year affected him: It definitely didn’t change his confidence. He’s always ben pretty confident. It opened other people’s eyes about what he’s able to do. Games like the WSU games last year let the outside people in on what he’s been doing.
On Dejounte Murray’s confidence: He’s another one that walked in the door here with swag. He’s not cocky but very confident in himself. Good players know they’re good. They don’t lose confidence a lot.
On how he has encouraged Noah Dickerson after a couple rough games: 'Noah, we know what you’re capable of. Get lost in the game, and play hard. Everything will be fine.’ Over the course of the year there will be times where players struggle, and it’s Noah’s turn. I see it as he just had a game that he was off a little bit.
On Andrews' UCLA game: I think it’s reminiscent of the UW-Arizona game with Brandon Roy. It was a double overtime game then, we just won this time. Brandon Roy made big plays to keep us alive. It was similar I thought.
On the biggest difference between the team’s defense last year and this year: I think the personnel. Look at some of our past teams to better compare this team to a past one. This is how we usually play. The recent years were a little different than years like ’05, ’06. Now we’re back on track with those years.
On Scott Woodward: We’ve had very good athletic directors. They’ve been very supportive and I think that’s very vital. It’s important that you’re working with the athletic director in the same direction.
More on Scott Woodward: Scott has been great here. He has done a lot here with our athletic department. There was a lot of trust with Scott. We’ll see what happens.
Updates on Matthew Atewe and Sam Timmins: Matthew Atawe is very fast. He’s healthy now. He’s learning our system. He’s a good defender and rebounder. It’s made practices more intense with him in there. I’ve been really impressed with Sam Timmins. He’s practiced with us two or three times. He’s watching and picking things up on the fly. He’s really strong.
On Sam Timmins: I think physically the comparison to Aron Baynes is there. I think he’s further along offensively.
On why Sam Timmins comes to games and does warmups and travels with the team: If he were a transfer and had done this before it wouldn’t be a big deal. but since he’s an incoming freshman I think it’s important he experiences this.
On freshman adjusting to hard defense: Typically freshman that come in don’t understand the commitment it takes to be good defensively. I’m not seeing many advantages to being young for a defensive team. There have only been two players since I’ve been here that understood defense right when they walk into the door. Bobby Jones and Justin Holiday.
On experience making a difference in defense: There is a part of it there. I’ve found that guys that transfer have the advantage because they have experience. Even when freshman have played in systems similar to ours they still didn’t have to play as hard as they do now to play defense. Top Stories