VIDEO: Andrew Andrews Thursday Briefing - WSU

Washington senior guard Andrew Andrews spoke to the media Thursday ahead of the Huskies' first true road test at Washington State Saturday. The last time Andrews played in Pullman he scored the game winning basket en route to 35 points to help UW beat the Cougars 87-84.

On reflecting on last week: Not really. I tend to move past things and get ready for the next game. We have a good WSU team ahead of us so we just have to improve on mistakes 

On avoiding a let down after two big wins: It starts in practice, making sure we understand what the coaches want out of us. We have to know our scouts and what they’re trying to do so we can be ready.
On the difference between neutral games and true road games: I think the difference is the crowds. When you’re on the road everyone is against you. We’ll respond well. A lot of the guys like being underdogs. I think we’ll respond well.
On the younger players preparing for this game: Definitely, with this being WSU and them being local they know about the rivalry. They’re going into this game well equipped.
On the WSU-UW rivalry: They play with energy against us because of the rivalry. They’re athletic and can get up and down the floor and have guys that can make plays.
On last year’s game against WSU where he hit the game-winning shot: We were on a losing streak before going in there. We had a few player only meetings to figure things out. It was a close game throughout and I was relieved when we hit that shot to win.
On his game winner against WSU: The play was called for Nigel and I was an option if they collapsed on him. They collapsed on him and he passed it to me.
On where his game winner against WSU ranks among his all-time most memorable shots: For me that was probably my biggest play since being here because it was a rivalry game on ESPN and we were on a losing streak and it was my career-high. That made it my biggest shot.
On the difference between this year and previous years in terms of defensive style: Just picking up the pace a lot and playing faster is the biggest difference.
On high school defense: I played no defense in high school. My senior year I played a little more defense. In high school I was more of a two-slide guy and let him go past me.
On freshman struggling to pick up the Husky defensive style: A little bit but not so much with this group because they’re so long and athletic I wouldn’t be surprised if they were great defenders in high school. Defense is kind of the main thing we pride ourselves on.
On being surprised by the style of defense when he was a freshman: The first open gym I played in Scott Suggs was denying every pass and I was like ‘it’s just open gym what are you doing?’ And they said ‘that’s how we do it here.’ I thought there was no way I would deb abel to do that.
On playing tough defense: The enjoyment comes from frustrating the other players. It feels good to create havoc and not let them run their stuff.
On WSU-UW games getting chippy: Definitely all the time. When they play us I think they have a little extra motive trying to get a win.
On the rivalry: It’s about the history of the school. It’s not about me, but honoring the school history and the program.
On takeaways from this weekend: Whenever we play with energy we can play with anyone in this conference. Top Stories