VIDEO: David Crisp Thursday Briefing - WSU

The media spoke Thursday with freshman guard David Crisp, who talked about his experience at Brewster Prep back east as a proving ground for road games like the one he will experience with the Washington Huskies as they travel to Pullman Saturday to face Washington State.

On WSU rivalry for a local kid like him: We’re coming into it looking at it as just the next game on the schedule. There’s always a little extra though being from here.

On any ideas he has about his first real road game: No. I’m excited though. It’s our first real away game. From the past I feel I react well to away crowds.
On his experience at Brewster: At Brewster you go to prep schools and their fans are crazy. It will be similar, just with more people.
On playing on the road:  You have to be mentally tough. I block a lot of stuff out. You still hear it though. I take it into consideration and show them.
On what he learned about the team this weekend: We have a lot of heart, a lot of fight. We haven’t been shooting the ball as well as we did early, but we found a way to win. That’s huge for a young group. Everyone is playing with heart.
On how big defense was for both games: Huge. That’s where you have to lock in and be tough when you’re not hitting shots. If you’re not scoring, you have to keep the other team from scoring too.
On what he looks for coming off the bench: I look for openings. I look for open areas on the floor and shooting spots. I look for somebody who might be letting stuff get to them. If the game is lacking energy then I’ll bring that in.
On if he thinks he can be a driver like Isaiah Thomas was and Andrew Andrews is: Oh yeah. I used to only be a driver. Then I started working on my shot and shooting well so people called me a shooter. I think I can become a driver again pretty easy.
On where last weekend’s games rank for him: I was just talking to teammates about that. I said those are the two craziest games I’ve been in, and they were back to back. It was crazy.
On the comebacks: At no point I was nervous. Everybody was ready to go in defensively and be ready for that big moment.
On the development of the team: Everybody is realizing how good we can be. It’s just like a fire that’s getting bigger and bigger. Everybody wants to get better. Everybody listens to coaches and tries to get better.
On Andrew Andrews and Donaven Dorsey telling younger players what to expect playing at WSU: They said it will be crazy. But I’ve followed all of the past games and I know it gets crazy over there.
On Dejounte Murray getting in the zone: When he gets in the zone you can see it in his eyes. I saw in the timeout right before the run he was ready to go. He picked it up and everybody followed. That was big.
On the last time he saw that from Dejounte Murray: When we were in New York in the national high school championships. He was the only one that played well there. Also against West Seattle he had a crazy game.
On what the team has to improve on: We have to play the full 40 minutes. Coach always says every play is huge. It has to do with communication. When we get that figured out we’ll be good.
On watching the film from the USC game on tape: It was really fun to watch. The whole game I knew it was going to happen, I just didn’t know when we were going to pick it up. When the crowd got into it I was like ‘man, you can’t stop it.’
On the bench providing energy: Early in the season if you watch that China game everybody gets up. We try to get the energy up on the bench. After anything I stand up on the sideline. I’m trying to show energy and support my team. Top Stories