VIDEO: Lorenzo Romar Post-Game - WSU's Luke Mounger was in Pullman Saturday for Washington's 99-95 overtime win over Washington State, and he was able to speak with UW Head Coach Lorenzo Romar after the game.

Opening statement “Washington State played a great game. Took us to the limit. But just really proud of our guys that went on the road and only committed eight turnovers. You had a freshman, Dejounte Murray, step up and carry us in the first half. It was a team effort. Noah Dickerson stepped up. Malik Dime stepped up. It all stemmed from the straw that stirs the drink, and Andrew Andrews, our senior leader, was just phenomenal again today.”


On why he thinks the team is able to reset so well going into overtime “I think our guys are pretty resilient. I think our guys come from backgrounds, a lot of them, where they won games. They’ve been winners. They’re accustomed to winning games; they’re accustomed to knowing what it takes, even thought they haven’t done it at this level. I think that helps. Again, when you have Andrew Andrews leading the way, who’s been in big games also, then he can kind of give the calm to the storm and give the guys a lot of confidence that we can pull it out.”


On WSU’s inside game giving the Huskies trouble “It did. We were switching everything. So we knew going into the game that they were probably going to score over the top on us, but that was what we were going to give up, willing to give up. Hopefully we could take them out of their offense, but they still did a good job of finding holes and getting offensive rebounds.”


On remaining resilient in foul trouble “I think we have quality depth. I always ay there’s a difference in having depth and quality depth. You can go to the bench and sometimes that guy on the bench is going to have a better night than the starter. And when you have that type of depth you can get through games like this every now and then.”


On his overall assessment of the game “Washington State took it to us. They played a fantastic game, but our guys didn’t quit. One of the marks of a veteran team is whether they’re at home or on the road, up or down, they play the same way; they continue to do the same things that they’ve worked on. Even though our group is young I thought that’s what we did tonight. Whatever the circumstances were, we continued to play the way we’ve been practicing.”


On what Ernie Kent has done with Washington State “Well, he’s got them believing, there’s no doubt about it. Those guys play with a lot of confidence. We knew coming in that Washington State was a dangerous team. I think that alone, gives Ernie Kent and his staff a lot of credit for that.”


On if he thought dribble penetration would be as big an issue as it was defensively “Yeah. We worked on it a lot early. They spread us and they have some quick guards. Those guys do that to most teams. They’re hard to keep out of the paint. But we were able to find a way to get it done.”


On the difficulty of calling defense when almost every player had four fouls “Well, again the quality of depth that we had, we put guys in all different situations and combinations in practice. So our guys knew what to do in those situations.”


On if there’s much this team hasn’t seen yet in terms of adversity “I don’t think we’ve had a 20-point lead and gave it up, now it’s a two-point game at the end. But pretty much, we’ve seen a lot. We’ve seen some very adverse situations.”


On if he expected to be on top of the PAC-12 after three conference games “I said one day we’re going to get it; I didn’t know when we would get it. And we still haven’t gotten it yet. But because of our effort and because of our belief, and our guys play together and stick together, we’re just able to get by enough until we continue to get better. And I think this team will continue to get better. This was another first for us and a challenge. It was a road game, a true road game. Our guys came out on top.”


On if he hopes to see this team develop by February or March “That’s the hope. We continue to work; hopefully we continue to get better. We gain more experience in what we’re doing. I would think we could be better than we are right now.”


On Andrew Andrews’ last shot in regulation “We had all the confidence that he would make a play. We thought he did great. We thought he got the guy (Josh Hawkinson) lifted. We thought the guy was there and there was contact made, but the official didn’t feel like he had jumped far enough to warrant calling a foul.”


On being the better free throw shooting team winning the game “Yeah. That wins a lot of games for teams. We’ve been on the other end where we didn’t shoot free throws well and we came up short. Thank goodness we were on the positive side of that game.” Top Stories