VIDEO: Andrew Andrews Post-Game - WSU's Luke Mounger spoke post-game with Andrew Andrews, who loves playing in Pullman. After winning the game on a made three, Andrews scored the last four UW points of his game-high 28 to help the Huskies beat Washington State 99-95 Saturday afternoon.

On the final play in regulation “We were supposed to kind of have a slip, on-ball screen and they ended up switching it. We were supposed to do it fast enough that they didn’t switch but they did it anyway so I tried to get him (Josh Hawkinson) up in the air. I feel like I got him in the air and get the foul but they didn’t call it. So that’s part of the game and you’ve got to move on and go into overtime with our heads up”


On why this team can’t seem to do anything ‘easy’ “I think that’s part of our ups and downs. We started out and had to take on success, so in the game we’d go on a run then give up a couple easy baskets because we were a little bit to antsy and what not. But that’s just part of the learning curve. We’ll get to the point where we start going up on leads and even getting more stops would be better.”


On how the team resets and comes back and plays well in overtime “I think that UCLA game helped us out a lot just knowing that if we keep our heads into it and then rely on getting stops and rebounding the ball we would be alright.”


On how difficult playing defense is when everybody is in foul trouble “Yeah, but we knew that’s the way the refs were going to call the game. That’s the way the PAC-12 has been calling the games and the NCAA has told the refs to call games. Any type of hand check, any type of bumps on the body is going to be a foul. So we just have to adjust and mature with showing our hands and playing with our chests.”


On how the young team did with the intensity of the game “Great. Anytime we come out on the road with a young team – I don’t know if you can call us young any more. We have been through more battles in these last couple weeks than I’ve been since I’ve been in college. I think these couple tests have prepared us for this stage.”


On how difficult it was to stop Ike Iroegbu “Huge. He played a great game for them. I think he had 20-plus points, a couple rebounds, and he led his team. A lot of it was just on mishaps; we weren’t forcing him baseline like we were told in the scout. Our lob wasn’t there because someone that was on a big sometimes were more focused on trying to keep without the ball, so we couldn’t really stick to our press which kind of let him get going a little bit.”


On WSU’s inside game giving them trouble “Only on the rebounding. We switch on to them and had to front them and it’s hard to kind of move them out. We just have to go back to practice and pushing guys under on the rebounds and making sure everybody coming back to rebound.” Top Stories