VIDEO: Lorenzo Romar Briefing - Arizona/Arizona State

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar spoke Tuesday with the press as the Huskies head to the desert to play at Arizona Thursday night and at Arizona State Saturday afternoon.

On Allonzo Trier not playing: He’s a bucket maker. A basket maker. He adjusted to what they wanted him to adjust to. I know how he is. he can really score. And he gets to the foul line. There are some other guys that will have to step up.

On the first time he saw Allonzo Trier play: This gym when he was in the fourth grade.
On young Allonzo Trier: He was in our basketball camps. You would have to play him up because he was better than kids his age. He’d come up from behind you and hit him from behind with the ball and then if you’d try to take the ball from him he’d go between his legs and smile. He has that love for basketball.
On how this start to conference play feels: Like we’ve played three games and we have 15 to go. Theres a lot of time left.
On if the fact that no team in the PAC-12 appears to be dominant makes him feel like this team can win the conference: I don’t know if we can look ahead that far. If we were 10 or 12 games in maybe we could, but we’re three games in. I’ve learned from experience that it’s too early to talk about that.
On wins against Arizona early in his coaching career boosted the program: For starters I remember Brandon Roy getting recruited by Arizona saying ‘I want to come to Washington and beat Arizona playing for his home town team.’ Everyone has always respected Arizona. The first time we were able to get a win here our guys never forgot that. Then we got a win over there, that gave our guys a lot of confidence because of the respect our guys have for that program.
On if Arizona and Washington ever had a rivalry: I thought when we were both near the top and both teams had quality players, those were fun games to watch. Whether it became a rivalry? I don’t know. But I do know those were fun teams to watch. There have been some epic games over the years.
On coach Conroy telling the players about his experiences against Arizona: I’m sure he would. He was a part of it. He remembers how much fun they were. I remember in 2011 when Isaiah Thomas hit the game winning jumper in the PAC-12 championship. I think the next year we won at their place. There have been some fun games.
On Arizona being bigger than Washington the past few years: They’ve been better. The past few years Arizona has been one of the best teams in America. We weren’t at there level the past couple years.
On Arizona’s big men: Their front line is very aggressive. Tarczewski kind of willed his team  against USC. And Ryan Anderson is good too.
On if the loss to UC Santa Barbara was the best thing that’s happened to this team: We’ll see. As of today, maybe if we win that game we don’t win the UCLA game. It served as a wake up call for us. I think the Oakland loss we just felt Kay Felder was really good. I think the UC Santa Barbara woke us up to the fact that everybody is good.
On avoiding foul trouble: I think we’re getting better. Our guys are getting better at fouls we shouldn’t commit. We’re going to foul because we play aggressive defense. It’s when we get touch could because we get out of position and reach when we get in trouble.
On how he feels playing Donaven Dorsey instead of Devinir Duruisseau when the bigs have all fouled out: Totally comfortable.
More on fouls: We commit fouls running back on defense. We’re guarding a guy and then we come over to help when a guard gets penetration and we get called for a foul. Little fouls like that.
On Noah Dickerson: Noah has one of the highest basketball IQs on the team. Against UCLA he had a huge impact and didn’t make a shot. He played great defense and had 10 rebounds. He went through a period where the ball wouldn’t go through the basket. He’s a winner. He’ll tell you without asking him that he won 2 national championships in high school. His struggles shouldn’t take away from how smart he is and how much of an impact he makes.
On the difference between the team rebounding on offense and defense: We’re so aggressive on the offensive end that we get rebounds. On defense we switch almost everything. Sometimes that makes us lose sight of who we’re blocking out.
On blocked shots: The shot blocks are a byproduct of us getting beat, because the defense has to rotate. You don’t always rotate in time for that.
On Arizona’s rebounding: They have really good size and they’re strong and they pack it in defensively. With our switching our bigs are out on the perimeter a lot. The plus side is we’re forcing about 17 turnovers a game.
On the assist-turnover ratio being about even: I think if you look at assists and turnovers for the whole season it says one thing, but if you look at just the past few things you’d see a totally different number. Our turnovers are decreasing because we are maturing. 
On telling the team not to get too confident after a good start to conference play: I felt like that we have to constantly remind them about that. These three wins are just fool’s gold. There are areas we have to get better. I think we understand that.
On Dejounte Murray: He’s a really good basketball player. Sometimes the best ones get it quicker. You can’t evaluate a freshman after six or seven games. Some have to play half the season to become more functional. I think right now he’s playing as good as any freshman in the conference and better than most in the country.
On the character of this team: I do think it’s rare. There’s no question this team has a lot of characters. I think Andrew Andrews gets overlooked for his importance to the team. Take Andrew Andrews out of this mix and see what would happen. Even the Fab Five had upper class men to help them. We can’t leave Andrew out. He just went and got that rebound against Washington State and USC. He’s hit big shots. We talk about character and maturity and that’s all good, but some credit needs to go to Andrew Andrews.
On if he saw this coming from Andrew Andrews: I wouldn’t have guessed he would be leading the conference in scoring or that he would be averaging 29.3 points per game through three conference games. This isn’t a fluke. I’ll tell you that.
On having a seven-man rotation: I dont pencil in that we’re only playing this many people. There’s a core of seven, but we could play nine on game and eight another. 
On how he figures out his rotation:There are some games that guys are playing so well you don’t want to disrupt what’s going on. I know both of those guys can help our team and they’ll have their opportunities.
On Andrew feeling like he had to do everything earlier in the season and now he’s setteld down: I think that’s accurate. We’re talking about growth. That means everybody has grown together. Early on he thought he had to do everything. Now others have stepped up and all he has to worry about is competing and leading his team. Credit to the other guys to for showing they’re worthy of trust.
On if he trusted his freshman teammates when he was a senior: We had one freshman, and I trusted him. But we didn’t have seven. I trusted my teammates.
On teams coming after Andrew Andrews to transfer: There are some others in the past that when I thought that after the season they were leaving. Andrew was frustrated, but I knew he wasn’t going to leave. There was interest, but Andrew showed his loyalty. Top Stories