VIDEO: Noah Dickerson Briefing - Arizona/Arizona State

Washington freshman forward Noah Dickerson spoke Tuesday with the press as the Huskies head to the desert to play at Arizona Thursday night and at Arizona State Saturday afternoon.

On getting excited to play at Arizona: Yeah. I’m glad because I get to see my brother and mom again. My brother told me that the game is sold out. It’s going to be crazy. I grew up watching it.

On getting hit in the face a lot: I like to stick my nose where it shouldn’t go. I’m playing against bigger guys now, so my face is where their elbows are. I don’t like it. I want it to stop. But I keep playing.
More on getting hit in the face: Not really. I want it to be somewhere else, not my face. I need my face. It happens
On getting used to getting hit in the face: I mean not really. If I get hit in my face, then that happens. If we win then it’s all better.
On how he can guard bigger posts on defense: I play my angles pretty well. If I use my angles right I can make my disadvantages into advantages
On Malik Dime doing something to make up for hitting Noah in the face against WSU: He gave me a cookie.
On if he got hit in the face a lot in high school: Not really. In high school I was bigger than people.
On preparing for Arizona: It’s not any different. We take it one game at a time. I really don’t even know our schedule by heart. When they put up the scouting report, that’s when I know who we play. We’re going to come at it like any other game.
On Andrew Andrews and what he means to this team: Andrew, he’s a great leader. He starts it off in practice. He does what he does in games in practice everyday. He’s a great leader.
On what made him choose Washington after he decommitted from Florida: When I came on my visit, before my senior year, I came up here and loved it. At the time when I committed to Florida I thought it was the better fit. Then when Billy Donovan left I knew in my mind I wanted to be here. I took one visit and knew it was right. 
On his visit to Washington: I knew nothing about Washington. I came out here and fell in love. My mom came up here a lot and she loves the city. It was just a great fit for me.
On if he still follows Florida: Not really.
On if he likes the heat and if he minds cold: Not at all. I don’t mind the cold. When it’s cold you can get warm. When it’s warm you can’t really get cold. 
On how to avoid fouling more: Just do what the coaches say and show our hands. Just play the game how coach wants us to play.
On how to rebound better: Probably more heart. Just go up and get it. Top Stories