VIDEO: Dejounte Murray Briefing - Arizona/Arizona State

Washington Freshman Guard Dejounte 'Baby Boy' Murray spoke Tuesday with the press as the Huskies head to the desert to play at Arizona Thursday night and at Arizona State Saturday afternoon.

On if playing at Arizona is special for him: Not really. I’ll play anywhere.

On what he learned from watching UW-Arizona games growing up: It’s tough to play in that place. They always have a good team. It’s a tough place to play.
On Allonzo Trier: Real good dude from here. He played on the same team as me called ‘rotary.’ He left in fifth grade but he always stayed in contact with us. It sucks to see him out and I wish him well to get better.
On what he’s worked on to come out and play like he has recently: Just not rushing and letting the game come to me.
On if he thinks experience helped him improve: I feel like that a little bit. I just started out rushing and wasn’t letting the game come to me. I’ve been letting things come to me and good things are happening.
On how the UC Santa Barbara game influenced this team: It hurts, because that’s a game we were supposed to win. There’s nothing we can do about it, it’s in the past. That loss made us refocus. We came into that next game against UCLA ready to go and realize we can’t just beat teams because we show up. After that loss it was tough. Having a great coaching staff, we moved on.
On if Andrew Andrews felt like he had to do it all at the beginning of the season, but now that Dejounte and others have stepped up he doesn’t feel that burden: I just have to let the game come to me. It’s a confidence thing. He wasn’t doing everything. We’re a team. He was just scoring when we needed him to. We’re just clicking at the right time. We just have to keep doing what we do.
On Andrew Andrews already having shot and made more free throws this year than he did last year: I didn’t know that. That’s crazy. It shows how aggressive he is. He can get to the hoop on anybody.
On his runners and floaters: I don’t feel like I did it in high school that much, but my coaches in high school told me a floater would get me a long way. So all summer I worked on floaters and shooting.
On why his coaches wanted him to develop a floater: Just because of how my body is. I never really cared about what people said about my wait. I want to be a guard, and if you have a floater in your game there’s less contact. That’s why I started to take advantage of it.
On Jamal Crawford holding him accountable over social media: I’d say that. He’s just excited. We talk pretty much everyday. He tells me he’s proud of me. He texted me not to get comfortable with a good game and to move on. 
On talking to Jamal Crawford: It’s really different. It’s great to have him around. He shows how much he cares.
On thriving when down or in clutch situations: I’m really comfortable in it. We have to bring it every single night. We can’t get comfortable. Now we know and we’re growing a lot. We’re just comfortable in taking it one game at a time. Top Stories