VIDEO: Andrew Andrews Tuesday Briefing - Colorado

Senior guard Andrew Andrews spoke with the press Tuesday ahead of Washington's game versus the Colorado Buffaloes at 7 pm Wednesday night at Alaska Airlines Arena.

On the bounce back win: Huge. It kept us tied for first place. We’re in good position to try to get two wins at hime. It helped our confidence. IT was a good one for us.

On the difference in halves against Arizona: It all comes down to energy. In the first half we played even with them. Int he second half we couldn’t keep up with their energy. It was a good learning experience. It was a hostile place to play so there’s a lot to learn from.
On energy level: It’s just us having multiple games a week without too many days off. The energy level is the key for us because we have a lot of good play makers. Having good energy can keep us playing well.
On monitoring his minutes so he’s fresh later: Not really. I think last year I played more than I have this year. I;m used to that many minutes a game so I don’t say anything when I’m out there.
On last year vs. Colorado: I just remember us clawing to get back into the game They came out playing well. I don’t think Josh Scott played in that game. I don’t remember too much from that game.
On Colorado: They’re a solid team. They were battling some locker room things last year. Now they’re back with a solid group of guys playing hard. They play good defense. Josh Scott is a great scorer.
On his ankle: A lot better.
On if he pays attention to media recognition: Not at all. I don’t play for rewards. I play for wins. I’ll let the media decide what they want to call me. I’m going to get wins for our team.
On the difference against Arizona State: Coming out a little more aggressive a little earlier. Arizona was playing me more aggressively than Arizona State. Then they started to guard me more and I could distribute more.
On how making a couple threes early impacts the game: If I make a three opposing coaches get antsy and don’t want me to get a good look at a second one. So if I hit one early it opens the floor up a little more.
On how often he thinks about last season and how it went down hill so quickly: Always. Literally it’s always in the back of my mind. I try to push to make sure we’re staying on top of what we need to be on top off. I remind them it’s a long season. 
On what he’s noticed about the team: We just keep getting better. I noticed our potential. Each game we get better at things, but we also take steps back. If we click on all levels at one time we are dangerous. That’s what I’ve been realized.
On if he’s surprised the freshman have come in and played this well: Not at all. In today’s day of basketball age doesn’t matter. I think coach did a great job getting these players. A lot of them played in pro-ams and are used to playing against some of the best players out there. These kids are coming in ready to go.
On his redshirt year: I would say it’s great. My high school coach told me if I’m not playing a lot then I want to redshirt. I always give advice about redshirt years and what it’s like. If you;re on a deep team I don’t think it matters. It’s all about being there for your team. Top Stories