VIDEO: Lorenzo Romar Tuesday Briefing - Colorado

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar spoke Tuesday to the press ahead of Washington's Wednesday night conference game against Colorado at Alaska Airlines Arena. The game is at 7 pm PT, with Pac-12 Networks on the television broadcast.

On bounce back win: I think that’s kind of been characteristic of our team. I think we’ve stepped up to challenges this year. Our group has been pretty good that way.

On learning from the loss to Arizona: We talked about the difference in first half and second half against Arizona. There were some things we didn’t do. They imposed their will on us, but still if we play the way we’re supposed to play, that’s what we need to concentrate on. Let’s make sure we do what we’re supposed to do. They were dialed in for ASU.
On players being told to forget about losses quickly: We talk about having short memory and making sure you learn from experience.
On Andrew Andrews being fresh late in games: We definitely try to let him rest in the first half because he plays a lot of physical minutes. But he’s in really good shape. There was an overtime game here that he played a lot and had a dunk in overtime. It shows how strong he is. He’s been able to handle it.
On how this team has grown since the start of the season: We’re a lot more sure of ourselves because we’re sure of our system. In the Bahamas we were still learning. The defensive instincts weren’t close to being there. Now guys understand what our purpose it. We’re playing more purposeful.
On David Crisp's confidence and fearlessness when shooting: I think good scorers and good shooters will take a bad shot now and then. But we want scorers and shooters to play with confidence. But he does. He plays with a lot of confidence.
On David Crisp’s turnaround baseline three: I’m kind of finding out that that’s something he’s already done. It’s one thing when you;re spacing the floor, but on the move he does such a good job getting his feet around. When he does that off the catch better than off the dribble.
On the games this weekend showing how important Andrew Andrews is to the team: Yes. The reason I hesitate is before we played Arizona we knew how important he is to us. Thank goodness he redshirted because we wouldn’t have him here now. We knew he was going to be very important to this team. He’s not just having an all-conference year, but an all-american type season.
On redshirting: I would really encourage some players to redshirt. They learn so much during that year. What Sam Timmins is doing right now is going to help him so much. When he steps in he’ll have a much better idea of what it’s about.
On the trend of players enrolling early: I like that better than the trend of transfers. If they’re ready to do it and have graduated then that’s great.
On why the team has been better in close games: One, Andrew Andrews. How many have these games has he made big plays down the stretch? Not just shots but things like rebounds against WSU. Also we have more guys that can make baskets down the stretch. Our guys have made nice shots in the clutch.
On what he expects from freshman: We expect them to learn as fast as they can because we’re going to need them. We’ve had freshman that have contributed early, especially this year. The general rule is we need you. We recruited you to play for us. Sometimes it doesn’t work out. But I love freshman who come in and play. It’s a balance though when some aren’t quite ready. It takes a little longer for them to break in, but the earlier the better.
On slowing things down when coaching a group of so many freshman: We’ve had to take our time more and be patient. But when they come in when it’s only a couple freshman, they can watch the other guys and see how its done. This group didn’t have this luxury.
On learning to not get upset at officials: Oh yeah. We talk about maintaining composure. I’m a horrible ref, but I get worse in practice. Most of the time I’m just not good. Sometimes though we call a bad foul just to see how our guys react in practice. If they don’t react well there are consequences.
On fouling: We’re aggressive so we won’t go a game without fouling much. We tell our teams to avoid fouls like not moving our feet or slapping at a ball that we shouldn’t.
On health updates: Devenir is probably questionable at this point, but we’ll have to wait and see for tomorrow.
On Andrew Andrews’ ankle: He was good. He was practicing yesterday.
On talking about avoiding fouls: Yes, but we talk about those very things, like keep your hands up. There’s a lot we talk about, we just have to get better at it.
On disciplining a team that likes to block shots to avoid fouls: Yeah. We also talk about being the second jumper, not the first jumper.
On keeping track of possessions: Every game at halftime I get a report on how many possessions there are. We don’t have a problem at all going down the floor taking a shot just four seconds into the clock if it’s a good shot. We don’t want to force shots. If there is an advantage we want to exploit it.
On playing faster this year than in previous years: That was the intention the last two years, we just weren’t good enough to do it. We didnt have as many finishers and we couldn’t push the ball as well as we wanted. Our defense wasn’t good enough to create those situations. That made it tougher. The intent has always been to push it.
On what’s dangerous about Colorado:Their front line. Josh Scott is very good. His back is fine. His health his fine. He can put the ball on the floor and create his own shot. And they have shooters too.
On Tre’Shaun Fletcher: Tough, good defender, developed his shot a lot.
On Dominic Green earning minutes: It was different for him when he came in and he was down on himself. But he worked his tail off. In his mind it was important for him to do the right thing. To Dominic’s credit, he started to play better. You like to reward someone who has that attitude. He didn’t pout. He got better defensively. He was willing to play wherever we asked. Playing time has been given to him.
On how playing time is decided: There’s not one way to do it. Every situation is different. Effort and attitude is the deciding factor between two players that are close in production. We try to tell guys all the time that players make the decisions about minutes. "How are you going to impact the game and make us better?" Top Stories