VIDEO: Lorenzo Romar Post-Game - Colorado

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar fielded questions from the media Wednesday night after his Huskies defeated Colorado 95-83 in front of an announced crowd of 6,325 at Alaska Airlines Arena.

Opening statement “We have talked to our team about putting it all together, not being in foul trouble, defending, and also being able to make shots. In the first half I thought we did that. Second half I though we had some inconsistent defensive possessions and a couple times we maybe not took the best shot we could have taken. But all-in-all, I thought our guys stepped up to the challenge and met it and did a nice job.”


On it being the best first half of the season “It could be, in conference for sure. I thought we were clicking on both ends.”


On that being the best defense they’ve played in a half “Over half – it gets lost in the fact that we had such a bad second half against Arizona, but I thought we did a decent job on defense in the Arizona game and also the Arizona State game in both first halves. But in the second half I we didn’t do as good a job. I think all-in-all, from start to finish, that would be our best defensive performance since conference has started.”


On Andrew Andrews taking control late “Yeah. He had the ball in his hand and they had to foul. He’s pretty good at that. Not only that; they made their run to cut it back down to 13 and Andrew (Andrews) hit two big shots again to allow us to distance ourselves. He’s proving it this year, game in and game out, that he’s clutch. You’d like to have the ball in guy’s hands that prove it game in and game out.”


On the impact of Marquese Chriss when he’s not in foul trouble “He makes a big difference with our team. We’re very fortunate to have the record that we have with him being as much foul trouble that he’s been in. If he can stay in the game, then you have the way Malik Dime is playing and Noah Dickerson. With those guys rotating in there they really help our ball club.”


On how having every one available helped the team reach a school-record 15 blocks  “I think so, but also the positioning. If our floor positioning isn’t where it needs to be guys aren’t in position to make those plays.”


On offensive efficiency tonight “I would think so. Colorado, field goal percentage wise, is the number one defensive team in our league. Our guys did a good job. We knew coming in that it was going to be difficult to score if we came in and shot the ball when it was contested early. We knew we had to move the ball and our guys did that. But, we scored points off our defense too in the first half. Our defense got us going in transition.”


On the game plan that held Josh Scott to three points in the first half “I just think we were trying to prevent him from catching the basketball. We always had backside help. It was the same scheme in the second half and he went for 15 in the second half. He’s just a good basketball player. It’s hard to keep him down for 40 minutes.”


On how to protect late leads “Shot selection is very important. We tell teams whenever a team comes back it’s because you aren’t guarding. If you’re not getting stops it allows them to come back. The offensive will take care of itself. We’ve got to get stops when we get those leads. We shoed our team on film when we were up 10 against Washington State four times they went right to the basket without getting touched. When they got touched it was an and-one. That can’t happen. Tonight when they started to come back the same thing happened. We’ve got to get better at that.”


On the number of freshman on the team counteracting the freshman hitting the wall “Yeah. You don’t have a choice. The one thing about it is these guys have played a lot of minutes, our young players. Our new players have played a lot of minutes. They’ve been able to advance and progress quicker than maybe some others that weren’t playing as much. Even a guy like Dominic Green - to me Dominic Green is making a little bit like the normal progression. Now it’s mid-January and you can see he’s starting to come into his own. He hasn’t gotten the minutes the other guys have been able to get. We’re fortunate that way that these guys were just thrown into the fire right away and had to be able to perform.” Top Stories