VIDEO: Andrews/Chriss Post-Game - Colorado

Washington senior guard Andrew Andrews and freshman forward Marquese Chriss spoke to the media after the Huskies' 95-83 win Wednesday night over Colorado at Alaska Airlines Arena.


On how close the team was to playing at its standard for the first 25 minutes tonight “I think that was it. We got the lead up. We got the crowd involved. For a good 15-20 minutes straight they weren’t running their offense. They were just scrambling trying to play one-on-one ball, which I think we’ll take those odds. We kind of took our foot off the pedal there. We kind of let them hit some threes, get a couple offensive rebounds, Scott got going a little bit and got more aggressive. Once again these are all pieces to the puzzle we have to keep adding to. We came out and gave a great effort. I’m glad we came out with the win.”


On the fundamentals coming together “It’s just part of becoming a team. You have to remember these guys are coming out of high school so they’re just now adjusting to college basketball: the extra pass, knowing that when you drive in college they’re helping down so you have to make that extra pass out to the wing. The highlight play isn’t always going to be there like it was in high school. I think with our practices we’ve been trying to ramp up our intensity, giving it more of a game-like feel so we have that experience going into the game. It’s paying off.”


On the final minutes being his time “Every guy is capable on our team. We got a couple from Baby Boy (Dejounte Murray); I got a couple of looks. It kind of comes down to who has the feel for it in the game. We went down to Marquese (Chriss) and down to Malik (Dime). I wouldn’t say it’s my time. Especially as the season goes on, a lot of our guys are going to start keying in on me a little more. It’s going to be Baby Boy’s turn, Marquese’s turn, and they’re all very capable; David (Crisp)’s turn. I think it’s all about a team effort with that one.”


On staying out of foul trouble in the first half “I think it felt good. It was just more fun playing the whole game instead of sitting on the bench the whole time. I think I just have to pick and choose my spots wisely and just if the ball is up in front of me I can get it, but try not to jump on people or land on people or push people in the back.”


On defending Josh Scott “I think it was a team effort. Everybody was helping on the weak side. We were fronting the post. When he gets the ball somebody is always there. He never really had the ball with nobody by him.”

On what allowed him to contribute to the 15 blocks tonight and the impact Malik Dime has “I think we focus a lot on weak side help and lob and that’s where I got a lot of my blocks. If a guard is dribbling and Andrew has him I just come and I can’t foul my own teammate so I just try to block the shot and land on him. Malik (Dime), it’s crazy being around him when you’re on the court because he gets up so high. Anything around the rim he can really touch and grab it. He can alter a lot of shots. Nobody really gets an easy look at a layup or jump shot because Malik’s arms are so long and he’s athletic.” Top Stories