VIDEO: Washington Forward Noah Dickerson Saturday Briefing - Utah

Washington freshman forward Noah Dickerson spoke to the media Saturday morning ahead of their clash with Utah Sunday night at Alaska Airlines Arena.

On foul issues - “Sometimes you just have to let people go. Even me, sometimes I try on a layup to grab ‘em and earn it at the line, but some of those fouls we have to stop doing.”

How much better the team is when Marquese isn’t in foul trouble - “A lot better. We go way up, just energy-level wise and offensively we just go way up. Rebounding…I feel like everybody, if they stay out of foul trouble, makes our team so great on the court.”

Have you noticed the difference in him since he started using a sports psychologist? - “Way better. The little things aren’t starting to get to him any more. He’s focused and he’s gotten way better.”

On being at the top of the Pac-12 after pre-season poll had UW 11th - “Stuff like that doesn’t get to me at all. I don’t really think about what they had us doing or anything like that. It doesn’t really matter to me where…everybody laces up and gets on the court they have to play for it. So no matter what, we’re playing for it - just playing games, playing basketball. It doesn’t matter where they had us finishing at. It’s where we want to finish at.”

On using his experience winning prep titles to his advantage - “Back when I was at Montverde, the big thing for us was defense. We spent maybe most of our practices every day - an hour and a half - on defense, just moving on ball and things like that. So I know how big defense is to winning games. Defense is huge, and I can take that into play now.” Top Stories