VIDEO: Andrews/Crisp Post-Game - Utah

Andrew Andrews and David Crisp spoke to the media Sunday night after the Washington Huskies lost to the Utah Utes in overtime, 80-75.

Andrew Andrews

On the plan on the inbounds play that led to a shot clock violation “We drew up an out-of-bounds play to get me the ball. I came off a ball screen. The way they came out and defended it there was literally nowhere for us to go. A big was supposed to dive down after the end, but they sent me down. I tried to go; there were just too many people in the way for that play to work. Credit to them on good defense.”


On being able to speed Utah up in the second half “Just getting in the lane, putting pressure on the ball. We did a good job of knowing what they like to run, being aware of their sets, trying to take them out of their (rhythm). They’re going to try to play a little one-on-one ball. That and then once we start making shots the crowd gets involved. We had a great, great crowd today. It sucks we couldn’t get a win for them because this is the best I’ve seen it ever. Credit to them a lot for having us going in the second half.”


On if he was proud of his guys for rallying and sending it to OT “We don’t have moral victories. We made a couple mistakes down the stretch that we shouldn’t have made. We went zone coming out a time out. ‘No threes, no threes.’ We gave up a three. To be one of the top teams in this league we can’t have those mistakes. It’s just something we have to go back on film and learn from. Everything that we got through is always a learning experience. So next time we’re in that situation we’ll be a little bit aware of who the shooters, where they are located, when to help, and when not to help.”


On Utah trying to slow it down a lot “I don’t think at all. Going into they year Utah was talked about as being one of the most potent offenses in our league. I think starting out we had seven straight fouls. I think we have to do a better job of keeping people not fouling so we can go up and down. I think us fouling kind of slowed the game down a little bit and had us back on our toes where we couldn’t really pressure or pick up that pace. They were at the bonus with like 15 minutes left (in the first half) or something like that. We just have to do a better job keeping our hands off them. The refs were calling the right calls. We were trying to front them and hooking them a little bit. We just have to do a better job of that.”


On Utah’s game plan against him “They didn’t do anything special; they were just trying to face guard me. When I got the ball trying to just load up the paint. I’m pretty mad I didn’t have any assists from what the sheet says. I have to do a better job of getting my guys involved. Everyone was kind of going off me. Credit to Baby Boy (Dejounte Murray) and David (Crisp). I started playing off the ball to kind of just be a decoy a little bit to get everyone else going and open up the lane for them. David made big shots. 17 points, 10 shots, I’ll take that.”

David Crisp

On his three to tie it and send it to overtime “I was sitting on the bench and I was still cheering for my team, but I’m feeling sorry for myself. ‘Man, I can’t make any shots.’ I was thinking in my head ‘have short memory.’ And then I honestly just told myself ‘remember what you did at (Rainier) Beach. Remember, you’re a shooter. You make shots.’ So I was like ‘if I comeback in and have the opportunity I’m going to make the next one for sure.’ It just happened to be that play to go to overtime.”


On feeling like they had momentum heading into overtime “Yeah. Definitely. We just didn’t get any shots to fall early. And they got a little lead on us and just kept that little lead.” Top Stories