VIDEO: Lorenzo Romar Post-Game - Utah

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar addressed the media after the Huskies lost 80-75 in overtime Sunday night at Alaska Airlines Arena.

Opening statement “Well, tough one. Utah is a team that we talked about that you have to literally take the game from them; they won’t hand it over to you. We weren’t able to do that tonight. I thought defensively in the first half we were very good. Our guys did a really good job, but we couldn’t make shots. In the second half it was a complete turn around. Both of us made shots. We were just going back and forth. I thought that was a pivotal point in the game. We weren’t able to get stops. If we were able to get stops like we were in the first half, maybe we go up six to eight and that pace changes a little bit. I do think in the second half we were able to play at our pace a little more. They did a good job of slowing the game down and shortening the game. I felt like there were too many times that we weren’t active enough defensively and allowed them to throw the ball wherever they wanted to throw it. But they’re a good team and that’s what we talked to our team about.”


On trying to slow down Jakob Poeltl, although it seemed he was getting what he wanted later in the game “The first half I thought we did a pretty good job on him. In the second half all of that stuff happened. That’s a pattern we talked to our team about at halftime. We’ve done this several times going back to Arizona. We play pretty good defense in the first half and in the second half we don’t do as good a job. They took advantage of it. Several times there were blown coverages on the backside where we should have been there. In the first half we were there; we were in great position. We weren’t as much in the second half. We talk to our team during timeout and during free throws, deadballs, guys were walking around like we’re in slow motion. We were for whatever reason not as active in that second half and that allowed all kinds of things to happen. I don’t think (Brandon) Taylor or (Jordan) Loveridge had made a three in the first half. Taylor finally made one and Loveridge hit three. I thought that was just a reflection of how our defense was in the second half. Utah is one of those teams that if you have lapses they’re going to burn you.”


On what David Crisp’s game-tying three says about him as a player “He’s done it before. A few times this year, he’s done it before. He’s a gamer. When the game is on the line he can hit. He can not only take but he can hit big shots.”


On the shot clock violation “It took a little longer than we wanted it to take. We were able to usually get that and get it going, but that obviously took a little too long. There were a couple possessions in the second half that I though were crucial. We had them trapped one time in a ball screen and they were out in their half court and we allowed the guys too much room; he found a guy for a three, and we were up four at the time. Another time I think we were up two and we went one possession of zone and we blew a coverage and they hit a three. I thought those were big plays.”

On how close the game was the whole way “I think what we talked to our team about is these games are marathons. They’re not sprints. And every possession is crucial. You go the first four or five minutes in the second half where we weren’t up and as active as we needed to be. They took advantage of it. We’ll be able to tell our team, as we continue to tell our team, you have to play every possession in these games.”


On if there is a fine line between playing up-tempo and keeping fresh the whole game “That’s part of the marathon. We weren’t doing the things that allowed up to do that. Defensively if we want to do that the whole time we have to get up and we have to be creating havoc. We weren’t doing that at all. That’s what the marathon is about. Play Husky basketball so we can dictate the tempo of the game. We didn’t do that.”


On the crowd “Our crowd was unbelievable tonight. That’s the biggest crowd we’ve had. In the Dawgpack I think there were 1100 I was told. They were out there early and, man, it certainly helped our team. I think they fueled the fire with our guys a lot. When our guys hit some shots and came back you could just see how loud it was and how uplifted our guys were. It wasn’t the crowd’s fault. It wasn’t the Dawgpack’s fault. That’s for sure.”


On what gives him confidence in his team to bounce back “Things that we’ve done. We’ve played 19 games I think. A lot of these games it just seems like we were down. We lose like we did in Arizona; we comeback and we play a great game against Arizona State. We go on the road and won a game at Washington State in overtime. We come back from 22 points against a very good USC team and we win. We win a double overtime game. The first win we had against Texas, people forget about that. That game was sloppy and all kind of things were going on, but our team played hard and got after it. We were able to come up with a victory. We go to China. We go to the Bahamas. All that stuff and yet we’ve been able to comeback a lot of times and play well. That’s why. There’s a large sample size as to why I believe in this team.”


On the Utes limiting Andrew Andrews “I forget who I was talking to. The opposition’s top scorer had like eight points against (Utah) and they said ‘I guess that guy didn’t come to play.’ I said ‘nope. You watch Utah’s games and a lot of times they do a great job with the leading scorers and limit them.’ That’s kind of how they do it. I thought in the second half – I mean Andrew scored 15 points in the second half. He adjusted and he found a way and started scoring.” Top Stories