VIDEO: Andrew Andrews Tuesday Briefing - ASU

Washington senior guard Andrew Andrews addressed the media Tuesday ahead of the Huskies' game Wednesday night against the Arizona State Sun Devils. Washington beat ASU in Tempe on January 16th, 89-85.

On what stands out from the first time they played ASU this year: We were up big and they came back. That’s been our MO this year: blowing leads and having to claw back. Thats how it stands out.

On late game slips: We have to know what causes the run. We’re more cognizant of our mistakes instead of playing hard when we’re up. We’ve been working on that in practice to be fatigued late in practice and then go over what teams do and try to stop it.
On learning to be the center of attention for opposing defenses: It’s been a process. This is the first time the whole team has been keying in on my when I have the ball. These guys are all able to play at a high level. The more we keep learning and playing off each other the more it will work out for us.
On picking and choosing his spots: Now it’s about making the right basketball play. Everyone knows I can score, but now I have to distribute.
On distributing the ball against ASU the first game: Definitely. It helped that I started off hot. Once I started going they started collapsing and I found guys to knock down shots. We have to adjust to what they do.
On Dominic Green’s development: Ability-wise Dominic has always been a knock down shooter. He just made huge steps mentally. Not everyine comes in with he mindset of Marquese and Baby Boy. But he’s come in and is making huge strides
On what Dominic Green adds to the team: Huge because when he comes in we play four out and have shooters everywhere. Defensively it puts another guy on the perimeter that can guard anyone and plays with length and speed.
On campus buzz starting to pick up: I’m sure the guys have that feeling a lot. You see it around the city in general. It’s a good feeling to have that back. We still have a lot of season to go and the focus is to make sure this doesnt go spiraling down.
On going to fraternities and sororities to get interest in games and recruit fans for the Dawgpack: I have no clue who initiated it or started it, but it was a great idea. The last home game, the Dawgpack was great. It’s great to have them back, it makes this place hard to play.
On having a goal of getting the Dawgpack back to where it used to be: Definitely because we feed off there energy. We play as far as our energy will take us. They help us out so much more.
On if the team ever mentions the tournament: We mentioned it yesterday. We have on goal which is to be the best we can be. That would mean we are in the tournament. We are in a place we want to be, but we can’t take any team for granted and close strong.
On dealing with foul trouble: I think more players are stepping up. When one gets in foul trouble, the other steps up and plays well. We have to avoid sloppy fouls, fouls 30 feet from the basket. Those are unnecessary. Those are the ones we need to worry about..
On how teams defend him: It’s starting to be more of the same. They want the ball out of my hands. They pack it in and key on me. That’s part of basketball and trusting my teammates.
On this recruiting class: With the Dejounte Murray, Matisse Thybulle, and David Crisp I knew they were amazing. Then coach Romar showed me Marquese Chriss’s tape and I was blown away. I watched Dominic play and thought he was good. I knew this class would be good. I knew they were going to be a good class.
On losing to Kelsey Plum in pig: I lost to one of the best players in the country. I’ll take that. Top Stories